New Bergara B14 bolt action rifle

Introduced in 2016, new B14 Series rifles bring Bergara's barrel accuracy to a line of hunting rifles that is affordable to almost any big-game hunter.

Bergara's action with a coned bolt nose and breech ensures consistently smooth feeding and a sliding plate extractor for proper alignment, is probably the smoothest bolt action on the market in its segment. Magazine is fixed or, as an option, detachable.

Bergara B14 bolt action rifle
Magazine is fixed or, as an option, detachable

B14 rifle  features a two-lug bolt with a 90º opening angle, and the dimensions allow easy customization with many accessories (rails, mounts, triggers, stocks…) available on the market.

This superb action in combination with a free floating Bergara barrel ensures excellent performance. Bergara barrels are button rifled. 

This mean that he rifling process is performed by button or olive method, that means a cold rolling of the inner of the barrel. The barrel copies the shape of the button meanwhile it is cold drawn through the barrel controlled by CNC, creating by this way the appropriate lands and grooves at the required twist rate for each caliber. This process allows an excellent accuracy.

B14 Serie consists of Timber model, featuring a oil finished walnut stock with pillar bedding, and is available in .243 Win. 6,5 Creedmoor, .308 Win., 6,5X55, .270 Win., .30-06 Spring, .30-06 Spring, 8X57JS, 9,3X62, 7mm RemMag, .300 WinMag, .375 H&H. Barrel is 22 or 24 inches. Hunter model has the same charateristics but features a green syntethic stock with CrushZone recoil pad, while the Sporter is fit with a matte black Syntetic stock. All the models come with no open sights, available as an option.