Browning X-Bolt Pro Carbon, a new hunting rifle

The X-Bolt Pro family of Browning is enlarged by a new and very light hunting rifle, the Carbon Fluted Cerakote Threaded model, featuring a stock entirely made from carbon fiber.

New Browning X-Bolt Pro Carbon hunting rifle: details and characteristics

The action, the barrel and all the external metal parts - including the Kite Optics riflescope and the magazine floor – feature a Tungsten-colored Cerakote finish. The barrel has a M14x1 threaded muzzle, protected by a thread cap and is fluted for rigidity, lightness and better cooling; the bolt body is spiral fluted too, as well as the bolt knob.

The Browning X-Bolt Pro Carbon Fluted Cerakote Threaded is lightened by 7 oz / 200 grams thanks to the new carbon fiber stock wrapped around a high density, vibration-absorbing foam core. Even the structural rigidity has been increased, for increased accuracy. The X-Bolt Pro Carbon Fluted Cerakote is available in five calibers, .243Win, .270 Win and 6.5 Creedmoor with 22"/560mm barrel, and .308Win and .30-06 with 21"/530mm barrel. The magazine capacity is 4 rounds with standard action and 3 rounds with Magnum action.

The action is equipped with Nomad scope mounts with four screws per base, for enhanced strength and stability. The rifle is closely related to the Browning X-Bolt Pro Long Range, which we talked about recently, sharing many of its characteristics.

Stock of the X-Bolt Pro Carbon hunting rifle
Detail of the beautiful stock of the X-Bolt Pro Carbon hunting rifle: the texture of the carbon fiber is not a print...
The action with the grooved bolt body of the Browning X-Bolt Pro Carbon
The action with the grooved bolt body. The Kite optic is also treated with Tungsten Cerakote finish.

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