Scottish roe deer stalking

When I became Venator’s Ambassador for the Hillman hunting clothing range, I was asked if I would like to stalk Roe deer in Perthshire with Kenneth Larsen, Venator’s MD and long-established deerstalker. I said, “Yes!” without hesitation. I have accompanied many stalks with my camera, shot game and clays with my Beretta 682 but have never shot a rifle.

My introduction to deerstalking started with an informative briefing by Kenneth about rifle safety, shot placement and stalking techniques before we took the Land Rover out to the shooting range on farmland in the Perthshire countryside. 

My equipment for Roe Deer stalking

With the target in place, I got myself into the prone position with the Tikka T3 .243 with GRS stock fitted with a Zeiss Diavari 3-12x56 scope. The adjustable stock was altered to fit and, its comfortable position underpinned my confidence. I found it all rather exciting and was relishing a new shooting challenge.

Linda Mellor's first rifle shot during the deer stalking.
Linda Mellor's first rifle shot during her introduction to deer stalking with Venator Pro, pictured is the first shot at a target.

I settled myself in, took my time, remained calm as I slowed my breathing. As I focused, I emptied the air from my lungs and squeezed my first shot.

It felt great!

It was a nine at 80 metres followed by a great three-shot grouping. I shot off sticks at 103 metres, and, again, in the prone position. I felt pleased with my shooting; it’s a more intense process than shotgun shooting as there are additional factors to consider and, safety is paramount at all times. Getting yourself into a focused and calm zone to shoot and following through by shooting well gave me an incredible sense of achievement.

As we drove away from the range up a dusty farm track, we saw an old buck chasing a young buck out from the woodland and across the open fields. “We need to set a date for your live stalk”, said Kenneth.

My first stalk will take place in June. I am hopeful the unseasonably wet Scottish weather will not delay my dawn outing with Kenneth as we stalk the Perthshire countryside for my first Roe Buck.

To be continued..

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