Tested: Noblex 20-60x80 ED spotting scope with Celestron NexYZ smartphone adapter

Some add-on features and gadgets for smartphones are of dubious value. But the advantage of seeing one's hit image on a large phone screen instead of in a small eyepiece was immediately apparent to us. No more rolling around when shooting prone to catch a glimpse of the eyepiece from the shooting position. No more hassle when forgetting to check the correct aiming position after changing position. If you are a rifle shooter who trains frequently and wants to check your score from the 100-meter mark, you will want more magnification – the Noblex 20-60x80 ED spotting scope can do it. And not just because of the variable 20x to 60x magnification.

The eyepiece side mounting is screwed to the Noblex 20-60x80 ED.
The eyepiece side mounting is screwed to the Noblex 20-60x80 ED. The spring force of the clamp is only used for attaching, afterwards it is fixed "properly" by means of a screw.

Inner values: how the new spotting scope from Noblex works

With its 80-mm objective lens diameter, the three-lens optical system collects enough light to exploit maximum magnification even in difficult lighting situations. Large lenses are clearly better in hazy weather or with cloudy skies than slimmer optics with 60-millimeter lenses, as long as the quality of the glass used is right. A key element of the Noblex scope is the fluoride-containing glass material of the objective lens. Through anomalous partial dispersion (ED), all wavelengths of incident light are corrected to meet at one focal point. The user can therefore expect significantly better color neutrality and higher resolution capabilities. The testers previously only found such good reproduction quality in much more expensive optics.

Focusing with the Noblex 20-60x80 ED

The Celestron NexYZ adapter leaves a very high-quality impression.
The Celestron NexYZ adapter leaves a very high-quality impression. The entire adjustment mechanism runs over aluminum gears and rods, the plastic parts look robust.

From the close-up range of about six and a half meters to infinity, less than one rotation of the focusing knob is sufficient. The speed saving is provided by the focusing knob, which is divided into two functional levels: the rear section handles rough focusing, the front section fine focusing. With less than one rotation, the entire field of view is brought into rough focus. The front knob is used for fine focusing.

From analog to digital: the Noblex scope with the Celestron NexYZ

Digiscoping with a mobile phone is the current trend. The eyepiece of the Noblex 20-60x80 ED is designed for that. By means of an adapter, all common mobile phones can be connected to the eyepiece and the viewing experience can be saved or "shared". The adapter size is sufficient to accommodate the largest smartphones or small tablets. The distance to the eyepiece is managed through precise gears, just like the lateral adjustment. Only the adjustment of the smartphone to the eyepiece when aiming at the target requires some patience. A good and stable tripod pays off here. The analog image in the spotting scope also changes the display on the screen when focusing.

Noblex 20-60x80 ED specs and price

Noblex spotting scope 20-60 x 80 ED
499 euro
Variable, 20-60x
Objective Lens Diameter: 
80 mm
Eyepiece Type: 
Dimensions (LxWxH): 
440x98x171 mm
50 oz/1420 g approx. 
¼" tripod adapter, 360° radial adjustable
Water Resistance: 
Up to one meter depth for 30 minutes
10 years
Extendable sunshade, sliding eyecup, cleaning cloth, ever-ready case, objective and eyepiece protection caps, (smartphone adapter: 44 euro).
Celestron NexYZ smartphone adapter
The target image quality also depends on the smartphone and not only on the spotting scope.

Wrap-up: what the Noblex 20-60x80 ED spotting scope can do

A spotting scope that can be rated as top-level in terms of price-performance ratio, paired with a (for once really) innovative idea for the additional use of a smartphone. This expands the range of use of the optic significantly. The combination of the Noblex 20-60x80 spotting scope and the Celestron NexYZ smartphone adapter is absolutely recommendable.

For more information about the spotting scope and other products please visit the Noblex E-Optics website.

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