Minox brand relaunch for 2020: new advertising leitmotifs, new trade fair presence and a new website 

Brands age - just like people. Here is a little anecdote: recently, I met my friend Susanne while shopping. What a surprise: she looked different somehow. 10 kilos lighter, perfect shape, new hairstyle, stylish outfit – younger, attractive, sexy. And yet I recognized her immediately. I felt the same way with Minox when I was on their new website. Simply sexy! "Clear, emotional, at eye level," as Minox itself describes the new brand image. Yes, brands can also be "sexy". Dear colleagues in Wetzlar: my respect, you have done a great job.

“Face to face” with Minox: the brand's 2020 relaunch focuses on emotion and customer proximity

The new, personal way of addressing customers with a "you" conveys the new self-image of the Minox brand in a self-confident and modern way.

Minox presented its new brand identity for 2020 shortly before Christmas. Over the past few months the team around Managing Director Wolfang Venzl – in office since January 2019 – developed a new brand strategy that gives the Minox brand a new and unique face. Here the focus is on people – the hunter, the outdoor enthusiast, the nature-lover. Every customer and anybody interested are welcome here and will immediately feel addressed and will be taken into the Minox brand world.

Minox's trade fair presence has also been relaunched. In future the company will attend to appropriate events. Here: : Pferd & Jagd 2019.

"Through the new personal approach with a 'you', every customer and prospective customer recognizes what the Minox brand stands for: Minox is your companion who supports and guides you in any moment, on your way and on your course. Like a friend who carries you along," Minox explains in a press release. But what does the Minox brand actually stand for?

The Minox target group is down-to-earth, quality conscious but also price sensitive. Minox is what is generally understood as a price-performance brand: good products at an attractive price. That's why Minox consciously appeals to men and women. This will be ensured in the future by new guiding principles in communication which will convey the feeling and passion of the brand by specifically addressing the target groups. Minox – a passion that people experience and enjoy sharing.

Minox 2020: spirit of optimism and a new location

User-friendly through clarity and responsiveness: this is the new Minox website.

Founded in 1936, the company, whose miniature spy cameras has made the brand world-famous, has been successfully active in the sports optics sector with binoculars, riflescopes, night vision devices and wildlife cameras for 20 years and has been part of the Blaser Group since 2013. From February 2020 Minox will move to Isny, in the German Allgäu region, bringing it even closer to its parent company. The bundling of competences and the intensive exchange between the optics specialists and the hunting gun experts at Mauser and Sauer, who are also located in Isny, will create new synergies that will benefit all customers, Minox states in its press release. We are looking forward to many new products for hunters and marksmen of both sexes.

On the new website you can experience the complete product range. For example, the innovative night vision technology by Minox.

The new Minox website: www.minox.com

A quantum leap, as Minox itself says. In addition to the changes in content and the personal approach, the focus is on user-friendliness. The new Internet site under the familiar URL www.minox.com is of course fully responsive and therefore can be perfectly navigated on both PC and smartphone.

The layout is clear and well structured. You find what you are looking for. A good translation of the complete range of Minox products and services into a modern, attractive website. The website is currently online in German and English.

Minox's Managing Director Wolfgang Venzl, who created the new brand world with his team.

Wolfgang Venzl, Minox Managing Director on the optics manufacturer's new strategy:

 "The brand relaunch will ensure that the Minox brand is given a face for our customers and partners and thus moves even closer to them. With the new website we are well prepared for the challenges of the digital future."

The agency Brandmark of the Blaser Group is responsible for the design of Minox's new brand identity. The relaunch was preceded by an intensive and exciting process of strategic positioning and branding together with the creative heads of the agency and the Minox team. The result: a new emotional experience of the brand.

Minox products test reports on all4shooters.com / all4hunters.com

We tested many Minox optics in the past and will continue to do so in the future. Here you will find a small selection of our tests:

For more information please visit the new Minox website.

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