Test: Minox 3-15x56 – A new all-round quality riflescope

Minox 3-15x56 on the Brenner BR20 rifle
We tested the new Minox 3-15x56 and the new Brenner BR20 rifle on the hunting 

Proven Minox quality

Minox – a German optics brand with a history. But currently they're also experiencing a lot of changes. The move from Wetzlar, in Hesse, to Isny in the German Allgäu region, was recently pending as Minox is a member of the Blaser Group. Since the beginning of the year there is a new corporate identity, a new website, and of course many new products. But one thing has not changed: the company develops and sells high quality optics that also score points with a good price. Just like the new Minox 3-15x56 riflescope. When asked how the model is positioned, the answer was that it's an "all-rounder". We explain here what it means in detail, also showing what the new scope can do.

Let's start from the outside with the controls: the elevation and windage adjustment turrets are easy to reach (1 click corresponds to a shift 1 cm at 100 m) and can be precisely operated with clearly audible clicks. On the left side is the parallax compensation and the settings for the illuminated reticle (in the 2nd image plane), which has different levels. Especially the first feature can't be taken for granted in such a price range, but it speaks volumes about the product. Other plus points are the better viewing characteristics due to the larger exit pupil and the greater eye relief that this scope allows for. This results in a comfortable vision through the optics – and you avoid the danger of the riflescope giving you a "souvenir" when shooting. But one point stood out in particular: the good light transmission. A value of 94% is given, which was confirmed by a test report drawn up according to DIN standards. This means that Minox is catching up with the considerably more expensive products of its competitors in the top segment. MSRP for the new model from MINOX  is around 1.500 € - depending on markets and applicable VAT.

Hunting with the new Minox 3-15x56 – Our practical impression

Zoom magnification of the Minox 3-15x56 
Ribbed ring and lever: magnification is easy to adjust on the Minox 3-15x56 – even  when wearing gloves.

In terms of technical specs it's a good and, at the price, an absolutely interesting bright product. But theory is only one of the criteria. So we went to the hunting ground to see how the scope performs in reality. The hunting rifle was a Brenner BR20 in caliber .308 Winchester. First we went to a game land in the forest. Here ranges up to 100 m had to be covered. The parallax was set at the appropriate distance and then magnification was diligently adjusted. Everything remained pin sharp. The infinitely variable magnification was correct, no blurred edges or other conspicuous flaws. Both the parallax compensation and the magnification are easy to adjust due to the scope's design. Above all, however, the razor-sharp image was very inspiring. Next we went into the field, where ranges were over 100 m.

With a rangefinder different points (trees, bushes, high seats etc.) were targeted and then zoomed in with the riflescope. The distances were up to 350 m and the image remained sharp and could be turned comfortably on the wheels. The illuminated dot was also used in different stages. No fraying or outshining in the center. All in all, the Minox all-rounder made a powerful impression in all these situations. At 26.8 oz/760 g it is not a lightweight – but you won't find any plastic in it, and you get a tough, scratchproof riflescope that can take a beating instead. The equipment is also impressive. The automatic switch-off with a position sensor, as well as the auto power-off after 3 hours save the battery. As soon as a ready-to-shoot position is reached again, the illuminated reticle switches on automatically. That is cleverly done.

Minox all-round riflescope: technical specs

Model:Minox 3-15x56
Objective Lens Diameter:56 mm
Field of view at 100 m:11.9 - 2.3 m
Eye Relief:100 mm
Diopter Adjustment Range:± 2.5
Elevation and Windage Adjustment:0.39”/1 cm per click
Reticle Adjustment Range:± 55 cm
Parallax Compensation:yes
Illuminated Reticle:yes
Focal Plane:2nd
Main Tube Diameter:30 mm
Overall Length:14.64”/372 mm
Weight:26.8 oz/760 g

Test conclusion: Minox 3-15x56, a good option for the young hunter and budget conscious buyer – sturdy, reliable and good looking

Minox 3-15x56 riflescope: adjustment towers
Elevation and windage adjustment turrets are protected by caps on the Minox 3-15x56.

Presented as an all-rounder and actually well-suited for any hunting situation – this is our conclusion in the final report of the Minox 3-15x56 test. If you are looking for a good riflescope for a wide range of applications and can do without the high-tech features of the premium class, and don't want to "tear a hole in your wallet", then you'll have no worries here. With the Minox you'll get a scope with really good features. This model deliberately dispenses with too much technical gimmickry. You'll search in vain for an app, ballistics calculators and other tools. You get a solid, high-quality “Made in Germany” riflescope with a remarkable transmission, 30 years warranty, and as a bonus the flip covers (Tenebraex originals). So whether you are hunting in the forest, in the field or in the mountains, with the all-rounder from Minox you'll have a suitable option for everything. And especially young hunters, who have to invest a lot in equipment, should think about the name Minox and this all-rounder, especially for hunting from a raised hide. The “56” is the only one of the three new models that features parallax compensation.

The new 2020 Minox range for hunters currently includes two further models for driven hunts and twilight hunting:

  • a 1-5x24 model
  • as well as a 2-10x50 version

All models are equipped with an illuminated reticle and are optionally delivered with an inner rail. The surcharge for the tested model is 200 euro.

Further information on the hunting all-rounder 3-15x56 can be found on the Minox website.

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