New Burris optics at the SHOT Show 2019

Burris riflescopes can mount customizable M.A.D. System knobs, as you can see on the model on the right in the picture.

The guys from Colorado brought all their innovations to Las Vegas in 2019, starting with the new generation of XTR III riflescopes. For the moment, there are two new models with variable magnification ideal for long range and tactical sports shooting, respectively a 3.3-18x50 and a 5.5-28x56, both available with three different reticles (SCR in milliradians, SCR in MOA, SCR2 in milliradians). Among the common and most salient features of the Burris XTRIII optics we can mention the central tube with a diameter of 34 mm and a 5 plus zoom with 150° power ring roation. The new optical design gives the XTR III series the widest field of view in their class. For the 3.3-18x50 the field of view at 100 yards / 90 meters ranges from 37.5 ft to  6.8 ft (11.4-2.1 meters), while for the 5.5-28x56 the range is from 23 ft to 4.2 ft (7-1.2 meters).

Adjustment knobs feature the "zero click stop" system that allows for easy zeroing.

The Burris XTR III riflescopes body is waterproof and filled with pressurized nitrogen to prevent condensation and fogging. The adjustment knobs are oversized and feature a locking diopter ring that avoids accidental changes in diopter focus. Finally, one of the most important features: these optics are designed, manufactured and assembled in America. The features and the price make this new generation of Burris riflescopes a product to keep an eye on.

Burris Oracle: a bowhunting sight with laser rangefinder

The revolutionary Oracle sight is designed for bowhunting, which is very popular in the USA.

But the good news doesn’t end here. Burris has a remarkable experience also in the field of the most specialized and original optics, so decided to debut in the world of archery with an exceptional product: the Oracle is a bowhunting sight with a built-in electronic rangefinder. Since most of the bow shots are from tree stands shooting from top to bottom, the rangefinding system is equipped with an inclinometer that compensates taking into account the archer's elevation with respect to the target.

 The Oracle sight allows to measure the distance from the target and arrow drop.

The wireless activation button can be applied where the archer-hunter considers it most convenient. Easy to mount and zero, the Oracle will learn the trajectory or drop for two different arrow configurations and precisely measure the distance up to 450 meters on a reflective target and up to 180 meters on a soft target, a distance well above the effective range of a modern hunting bow. Oracle is a very specialized and very "American" type of optic, but a perfect demonstration of the very high level of know-how achieved by Burris. The price in the USA is about 830 USD.

Two new riflescopes in the Veracity series

Veracity series riflescopes are the top of Burris's hunting optics.

The Veracity series riflescopes with 30 mm tube are the top of Burris’s hunting range. Two new models have been recently introduced in this line, respectively a 2-10x42 and a 3-15x50 version that benefit from some technical tweaks. Both new models are in fact available with a reticle on the first or rear focal plane, according to the user’s preferences. The available reticles are the Ballistic E2 RFP, the Ballistic Plex E1 FFP, the Ballistic Plex E1 FFP Varmint and the SCR MOA, all patented by Burris. All Veracity models adjust in ¼ MOA clicks.

On all Veracity optics reticle adjusts in 1/4 MOA per click adjustments.

All Veracity models feature parallax adjustment from 50 yds / 45 meters to infinity and can be equipped with the M.A.D. system (Modular Adjustment Dial) that allow shooters to mount exposed or capped MOA knobs, even with customized combinations. The knobs are also available in tall or low versions and can be easily replaced with an Allen wrench. All Burris optical products are covered by a lifetime warranty. 

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