New from Burris for 2020: the Four Xe series riflescopes for hunters, sports shooters and long range enthusiasts 

The well-known optics manufacturer Burris recently introduced the five new rifle scopes from the Four Xe line. The optics are not only intended to provide improved handling and usability, but are also designed for use under the toughest conditions. Special attention was paid to high-quality glass. This is designed to be reflection-free and is also suitable for use in low light conditions. All five scopes are recoil resistant.

The new features of the Burris Xe series for 2020

The Burris Four Xe driven hunt scope has a zoom range of 1-4x.

The reticle of the Four Xe series is illuminated on all riflescopes, with different reticles available for the customer to choose from. For the hunter, they offer flat knobs for rapid adjustment at ranges below 200 meters. This applies to the 1-4x24, 2.5-10x50, 3-12x56 and 6-24x56 models. In addition, all lenses in the series offer higher light transmission than the previous generation, more efficient energy management and a significantly larger field of view. The Xe 6-24x50, on the other hand, comes with high adjustment knobs and has been especially developed with the needs of long-range shooters in mind.

The Burris Xe 3-12x56 features flat adjustment turrets for hunting.

Burris Xe riflescopes – Technical data and prices

Four Xe 1-4x24mm  Four Xe 2.5-10x50mm Four Xe 3-12x56mm   Four Xe 6-24x56mm   Four Xe 6-24x50mm 
2.5-10x 3-12x 6-24x 6-24x
39#4 39#4 39#4 39#4
Weight:476 g
635 g680 g703 g748 g
Overall length:26.4 cm
34.5 cm 36.8 cm 38.1 cm 38.1 cm
Water-, mist-, shockproof: Yes
Windage and elevation adjustment:
70 MOA  70 MOA 60 MOA 25 MOA 25 MOA
Picatinny/Weaver mount: 
Adjustment knobs: 
Price* (euro): 

*RSP – Price may vary in your country.

New improvements in Burris riflescopes

The Burris Four Xe 6-24x56 comes with high magnification and a 56 mm lens. It costs only 649 euro (RSP in most European countries).

Burris also made further technical improvements to the Xe Series: 11 levels of reticle illumination provide a reliable center point from the brightest to the darkest lighting conditions. 

Furthermore, Burris has further improved the reticle illumination as such. The aiming point within the reticle should now have a very good sharpness. Furthermore, the ZFs have two night vision levels. Four of the five new models were designed with a deliberately large lens diameter. This is to ensure the best possible view of the target in all weather and light conditions.

For more information on Burris riflescopes please visit the Burris Optics website.

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