RWS Short Rifle: advantages of the new Performance Line rifle cartridges for short barrels

In addition to the previous version in .308 Win. there are now four more calibers with the Speed Tip Professional bullet or the lead-free HIT bullet . Due to the excellent response to the market launch last year, the first positive test results in caliber .308 Win. and the resulting high demand, RWS extended the Performance Line by adding the following loads: 

Caliber:Bullet type:Bullet weight:
.30-06HIT10,7 g / 165 gr
10,7 g / 165 gr
.300 Win. Mag.HIT 10,7 g / 165 gr
.300 Win. Mag.
8x57 ISHIT 10,4 g / 160 gr
9,3x62HIT 16,2 g / 250 gr                     

RWS Short Rifle cartridges in the Performance Line: for hunters who do not want to compromise

RWS Short Rifle-cartridges in .30-06 caliber
The RWS Short Rifle cartridges are specially optimized for use with short barrels.

One thing is certain: among hunters, the trend continues to be towards more cutting-edge guns with short barrels and the use of suppressors . Particularly popular are the .308 Win. caliber hunting rifles with barrel lengths from 16.5” / 42 to 21.6” / 55 cm. However, standard ammunition is usually designed for the standard barrel length of 23.6” / 60 cm. 

When standard hunting ammunition is used with short barrels, there are often disadvantages: energy and velocity loss, reduced effective range, loud muzzle blast, pronounced muzzle flash and accelerated suppressor wear.

So what should you do? Do you want to do without the advantages of a short barrel or accept the loss of energy and velocity?

RWS HIT .308 Win. Patronen in der Performance Line Short Rifle stehen vor der Verpackung im Grünen
Here's what it means in hunting practice: shooting from short barrels without loss of performance. 

RWS has the right answer to this question: for all hunters who don't want to make any compromises in the future, the manufacturer is bringing the ideal rifle cartridge onto the market with the new RWS Short Rifle ammo in the Performance Line. This innovative hunting ammunition has been specially developed for use with short barrels. In hunting practice, it means shooting from short barrels without giving up performance!

This is made possible by a specially formulated load with a fast-burning powder, high-performance primers and an appropriate bullet weight. As a result, the Short Rifle cartridges deliver full velocity, energy and effectiveness from short barrels even over long ranges - no hunting restrictions compared to longer barrels. These cartridges are also ideal for semi-automatic rifles

What are the advantages of RWS Short Rifle cartridges?

Packaging and cartridges of the RWS Short Rifle caliber .30-06 had the opportunity to test the new RWS Short Rifle cartridges.

The powder used noticeably reduces muzzle flash and muzzle blast from short barrels. This is a big advantage immediately after shooting, especially when hunting in twilight and night conditions. The fast-burning powder combusts completely within the barrel. This also has an accuracy-enhancing effect and extends the service life of suppressors.

We at had the opportunity to test the RWS Short Rifle even before its market launch . We were able to confirm this quite clearly: the RWS Short Rifle offers optimized features for hunting with short-barreled rifles. We were impressed by the results: the increase in velocity and performance is significant and can be proven. That's why our friends are already very excited about the first experiences with the new hunting ammunition.

Advantages of the RWS Performance Line Short Rifle at a glance:

  • Optimized for short barrels:  the Short Rifle cartridges are optimized for short barrels between 16.5” and 21.6” (42-55 cm) thanks to the use of a specially formulated load with a fast-burning powder, an appropriate bullet weight, and high-performance primers.
  • Reduced muzzle flash:  the fast-burning powder significantly reduces muzzle flash and muzzle blast from short barrels. This allows you to keep a clear view during twilight and night hunting, even immediately after shooting.
  • Best performance with suppressors: short barrels are the first choice for use with a suppressor. The complete combustion of the fast-burning powder within the barrel itself ensures a significantly longer service life for the suppressor and also has a positive effect on accuracy. 
  • Full energy and velocity: thanks to the specially tuned load, the Short Rifle cartridges deliver full energy and velocity even from short barrels. In hunting practice, there are therefore no restrictions compared to long barrels and full effectiveness up to long hunting ranges.
  • Increased effective operating range
  • Best suitability also for semi-automatic rifles
RWS .30-06 Short Rifle HIT
The RWS Short Rifle series was extended by six new loads due to the high demand. In the picture: RWS .30-06 Short Rifle HIT.
The RWS .30-06 Short Rifle Speed Tip Professional promises maximum effectiveness over long ranges. The cartridge covers operating ranges from close to 300 m and different game weights.

Test results of the RWS Short Rifle in .308 Win:

RWS first launched the Short Rifle in .308 Win. caliber and in two different loads : a lead-free version with the proven HIT bullet or with Speed Tip Professional bullet for maximum effectiveness at longer ranges.  

Shortly afterwards, tests with a total of 15 different loads in an investigation on the barrel length effects with the .308 Win. using four bolt-action rifles and one break-action rifle (featuring five different barrel lengths between 40 and 66 cm) gave interesting results. Here is a short excerpt of the test results : "Even very short barrels with fast-burning powders provide good energy values. A rifle with a barrel only 40 cm long with the RWS HIT Short Rifle achieves a muzzle energy of 3,457 joules, which was previously considered an appropriate .308 level for rifles featuring a normal barrel length. The Bergara with a barrel length of 50.8 cm even achieved 3,881 joules.” The RWS Short Rifle HIT 9.7 g / 150 gr proved to be the best energetic load in the test: "With the Short Rifle (SR) loads, RWS is definitely on the right track. Now there is ammunition which lifts the .308 into the performance class of the .30-06. "

RWS Short Rifle: available loads

Caliber:Bullet type:Bullet weight:
.308 Win.HIT9,7 g / 150 gr
.308 Win. SPEED TIP PROFESSIONAL10,7 g / 165 gr
.30-06 (neu) HIT10,7 g / 165 gr
.30-06 (neu) SPEED TIP PROFESSIONAL10,7 g/165 gr
.300 Win. Mag. (neu) HIT10,7 g/165 gr
.300 Win. Mag. (neu) SPEED TIP PROFESSIONAL10,7 g/165 gr
8 x 57 IS (neu) HIT10,4 g/160 gr
9,3 x 62 (neu) HIT16,2 g/250 gr

All new loads are already commercially available.

Further information about the RWS Short Rifle rifle cartridges in caliber .308 Win. can be found directly on RWS website .

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