Field test: what is the difference between the RWS R Plus Long Range rimfire cartridge and standard rimfire ammo?

Ziele für KK Long Range auf 200 und 300 Meter
Setting up targets at 200 and 300 meters – the problem on many shooting ranges is the high trajectory curve of the .22 LR cartridge. The faster RWS R Plus Long Range has a somewhat flatter trajectory and a higher velocity.
A selection of rimfire rifles suitable for long range use.

There is no doubt about it: not least because of the increased cost of ammunition, shooting with rimfire guns is becoming more and more popular everywhere. Long-range shooting with rimfire rifles in particular is enjoying steadily growing interest in the international gun world. 

Here, steel and paper are shot at distances up to 300 meters with single-shot and semi-automatic rifles. But unfortunately, the bullet drop at 300 meters is so great and the highest point of the trajectory curve so high that the supply of suitable shooting ranges is often quite limited.

Ruger American Rimfire Long Range Target
The test rimfire rifle was a Ruger American Rimfire Long Range Target, which has a lot to offer for a price of around 950 euros.

The Ruger American Rimfire Long Range Target rifle

We replaced the Ruger American Rimfire's factory trigger with its spongy characteristics and a safety in the trigger blade (below) with a finer Timney Ruger American 640R single-stage trigger (above).

The Ruger American Rimfire Long Range Target rifle, featuring an adjustable laminated wood stock, a pre-tilted long optics mount rail, and a 22” (560 mm) long, 6-groove cold-hammered bull barrel with 1:16” (406 mm) RH twist with an outside diameter of 22 mm, is designed for shooting at distances over 50 meters. The "Ruger Marksman" single-stage trigger with integrated safety, adjustable in pull weight from 1,360 to 2,260 g according to the manufacturer, was shipped from the factory with a pull weight of 1,685 grams. We adjusted the creeping trigger to 1,300 grams. However, we subsequently equipped the test gun with a Timney Ruger American 640R single-stage trigger because we did not like the factory standard trigger in continuous use.

Ruger factory fits a 135-mm optics mount with 30 MOA pre-tilt on the round, machined steel action with 11-mm dovetail rail of the American Rimfire model.

The refined Timney trigger is externally adjustable from 681 to 1,816 grams, and the action only needs to be removed. To do this, simply unscrew the two action screws and the action can be removed from the stock. Installation can be done by yourself with a bit of manual skill. We adjusted the trigger to 700 grams without further ado. The single-stage trigger is crisp and breaks crystal clear – as if made for producing tight groups.

On the MIL-STD-1913 optics mount rail, we fitted a Vortex Strike Eagle 5-25x56 MOA with an elevation adjustment range of 110 MOA using an ERA TAC block mount, which equates to a height adjustment of 319 cm. Dividing the value by two, 159.5 cm would be the purely mathematical value available to compensate for bullet drop. If you add the 30 MOA of the mount tilt, you get 246.5 cm at 100 meters. At 300 meters, that's 739.5 cm. This should allow you to cover ranges up to 400 meters with most types of rimfire ammunition. 

On the shooting range: how good is the RWS R Plus Long Range at 50 and 100 meters?

The new RWS R Plus Long Range: a new, patented bullet design with a pointed tail that guarantees a stable trajectory over long distances. Plus a unique bullet shape with very high BC and a special load for a flat trajectory. Ideal for shooting distances over 200m.

Accuracy testing was conducted at the 50-meter and 100-meter distances with five types of ammunition (RWS R Plus Long Range, RWS Rifle Match S, GECO Rifle, as well as RWS R50 and RWS R100). Here, the prices for a box of 50 differ considerably. Depending on the dealer and the offer, the GECO Rifle is available for 5.80 to 6.40 euros, the RWS Rifle Match S for 7.70 to 10.80 euros and the absolute premium RWS R50 for 24.90 to 26.90 euros, RWS R Plus Long Range for 24.90 to 28.40 euros and the RWS R100 for 25.90 to 29.20 euros. It goes without saying that prices will be reduced if larger quantities of a lot number are purchased. 

At the 100-m distance, in addition to the RWS R Plus Long Range with
17 mm, the classic RWS R100 also delivered an excellent 14-mm group.

As part of the testing, we spared no effort and shot three 5-shot groups per cartridge type and distance. The best groups of the RWS R Plus Long Range at 50/100 meters were 8 mm and 17 mm, respectively. The RWS Rifle Match S achieved 15/22 mm. With the inexpensive GECO Rifle, we achieved 22/28 mm. With the RWS R50 we produced 11/18 mm. But it was the well-known, classic RWS R100 with 8/14 mm, undercutting the young RWS R Plus Long Range by 3 mm at the 100 meter range, which took the cake. But of course, this picture can change again at double the distance or even further distances.
Info on our test setup: 5 shots at 50 and 100 meters (3x 5-shot groups per cartridge type) using a front Sinclair Benchrest rifle rest and a rear sandbag. Scope: Vortex Strike Eagle 5-25x56 MOA. The v2 was measured at the 50m distance 2 m in front of the muzzle.

For more information on the new Long Range rimfire cartridge please visit the RWS website.

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