RWS new cartridges for 2023: this are the new hunting cartridges – Everything you need to know (with videos)

Following the extensive ammunition innovations and the spectacular introduction of the RWS Driven Hunt last year, at IWA 2023 RWS is focusing on further differentiating its lead-free range for hunters with the highest demands. Particularly for the short barrels popular in driven hunting, RWS is adding a short-rifle version to its Driven Hunt line – initially in the widely used .308 Win. and .30-06 calibers.

In addition, the popular RWS HIT bullet family finally gets the additions in the 6.5 Creedmoor and 6.5x55 SE calibers, which are in vogue for longer ranges. And also for reloaders there is something new this year, with the HIT in 9.3 mm caliber. Below you will find everything you need to know about the new ammo from RWS at IWA 2023 as well as the manufacturer's videos on the respective products.

RWS Driven Hunt Short Rifle: driven hunting cartridges for short barrels 

Premiere at IWA 2023: The new lead-free driven hunt ammunition from RWS Driven Hunt Short Rifle. Under the flat bullet tip lies a deep hollow point, which ensures extreme stopping power even at short ranges through excellent deformation properties – now also optimized for short barrels. 

Physics cannot be outwitted – users and ammunition manufacturers alike know this. However, it is possible to adapt the bullet and the loading to the respective application as far as possible in order to achieve maximum performance. The renowned manufacturer RWS saw the possibility of further optimization and last year presented its customized RWS Driven Hunt ammunition.

This already delivered on its promise as a cartridge tailored precisely to these hunting conditions. At distances below 150 meters, and especially below 50 meters, this cartridge achieves a maximum knock-down effect, as the bullet design has been optimized for particularly fast deformation and energy transfer. Ballistics tests on ballistic gelatin show immediate mushrooming of the bullet. This means that even very hard wild boar can be reliably put down on the spot. Thanks to the extremely high shock effect, flights are much less frequent and distances are then usually very short.

The bullet of the RWS Driven Hunt Short Rifle mushrooms immediately, as can be seen here when firing ballistic gelatin from 35 yards (coming from the right). 

In recent years short barrels, which are particularly popular for driven hunts due to their manageability and their special suitability for silencers, have been supplied by RWS with specially adapted short rifle ammunition. These include the short rifle variants for the HIT and Speed Tip Professional bullet types. Now, the logical step is to offer the new RWS Driven Hunt loadings also in the variant for short barelled hunting rifles. 

The best of both worlds: with the RWS Driven Hunt Short Rifle, you are equipped with fully tuned ammunition for driven hunting.

This gives hunters the benefits of a combination of RWS Driven Hunt performance and short-barrel performance that gets the most out of the gun: a faster-burning powder, together with the tuned bullet weight, compensates for the loss of energy and velocity from the short barrel and brings the projectile with force to the target, where it develops its optimized effect.

The RWS Driven Hunt Short Rifle naturally also offers all the other advantages of the bullet: its special design ensures not only a high deformation readiness but also the greatest possible residual body weight. In addition to the target ballistic performance, this is also intended to achieve a high level of game preservation, which was also confirmed in the practical test. The RWS Driven Hunt is a lead-free copper bullet, which is also nickel-plated and thus ensures less barrel deposits. The boat-tail, familiar from the match range, together with the performance grooves, gives the bullet the necessary accuracy even at ranges above 100 meters – in case the driven hunt should go to somewhat longer distances. 

For 2023, the RWS Driven Hunt Short Rifle will initially be released in the most widely used .308 Win. and 30-06 Spring. calibers. Here come the technical details as well as the prices.

Available calibers of lead-free RWS Driven Hunt Short Rifle ammunition

Bullet Weight
Pieces per Package
.308 Win. SRF
9.7 grams / 150 grains
104 euro
.30-06 Spring. SRF
9.7 grams / 150 grains
2098 euro

VIDEO: More about the RWS Driven Hunt cartridge directly from the IWA 2023

RWS HIT in two new long-range calibers: lead-free and effective

The caliber range of the proven RWS HIT is experiencing renewed growth: the lead-free cartridge will also be available for the 6.5 Creedmoor and 6.5x55 SE calibers, each with a bullet weight of 7.8 grams – recommended for hunting medium to heavy game.

RWS is thus once again significantly expanding the possibilities of lead-free hunting: the cartridge selection for a wide variety of rifles and applications is growing and, with the 6.5 Creedmoore and 6.5x55 SE calibers, is now also available to hunters who go for the long ranges when hunting as well as on the shooting range. The advantages of the mass-stable deformation RWS HIT copper bullet include not only a flat trajectory and high shock effect, but also a minimal meat damage due to splinter-free mushrooming in the game body – with certain exit wound rejection. The RWS HIT is available in several calibers as well as in the short rifle variant.

For reloaders, the RWS HIT in 9.3 mm weighing 16.2 grams joins the .30, 8 mm S and 10.3 mm calibers already available.

The lead-free RWS HIT has been used for years in a wide variety of hunting situations with great success. Now hunters with rifles in 6.5 Creedmoore and 6.5x55 SE calibers can also enjoy the benefits.

RWS HIT hunting ammunition: specs and prices for the new calibers 

Bullet Weight
Pieces per Package
6.5 Creedmoor
7.8 grams / 120 grains
89 euro
6.5x55 SE
7.8 grams / 120 grains
93 euro
9.3 mm (for reloaders)
16.2 grams / 250 grains
5052 euro

We will introduce you to the individual RWS loads and products in more detail in the course of the year. 

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