Puma showcased the new knives for 2023 at the IWA OutdoorClassics and won the Knife Award

Puma delivers the "medici PM-Edition" in a refined wooden box. The noble and luxurious pocket knife is limited to 50 examples.

Finally, Puma knife manufacturing from Solingen was able to present the new 2023 products to its national and international clientele at the IWA OutdoorClassics in the usual setting, as before the Corona pandemic. The response was greater than Puma itself had expected, with many trade visitors coming to the stand of the traditional Solingen knifemaker. Here, exhibitor as well as visitors were pleased about the personal exchange of experiences, in high-quality and also very engaged conversations. These were of course also available at the Puma presentation in the BLADE Demo Area, where the company presented its contribution to the IWA Knife Award 2023: the limited edition Puma medici PM Edition pocket knife, which was finally rewarded with 2nd place in its category by the expert jury. For the successful and handcrafted Puma "medici PM-edition" pocket knife, the Solingen-based company relies on high-quality Damascus steel for the blade, bolsters, guard element and back spring, as well as for the single-edged stiletto blade. Handle scales made of noble mammoth cheek tooth and a gold etching on the blade round off the noble appearance of the medici PM-edition and, according to Puma, make it a knife "for ALL who live the lifestyle and want to afford exceptional quality with an exciting look." Limited to 50 pieces, the collector's item will be available from the beginning of May, but can already be ordered here in the Puma online store at a price of 2,490 euros. 

Other novelties: Puma expands the successful IP wild edition with a neck knife and launches the IP Rüdemann, a new generation of the legendary interceptor knife 

In addition to the versions shown here with green G10 handle scales and those made of sandalwood, the new Puma IP "wild boar frischling" is also available with black G10 or ebony scales. 

Another novelty is the Puma IP "wild boar frischling", which is an extension of a collection with knives from the popular Puma IP wild edition series. Priced at €107, the new knife comes as a neck knife with a high-quality Kydex sheath and with a cord that is intended to ensure that the handy neck knife can actually be worn comfortably around the neck. As a supplement to the belt knives of the "wild edition" created in collaboration with Thorsten Hartmann with detailed laser engravings, the Solinger manufacturer now also offers the exceedingly compact "wild boar frischling" neck knife. On the 7-cm long blade, the laser has immortalized the "Frischling" (young wild boar) motif designed by the well-known artist Detlef Ritter. As for the scales material, knife fans have the choice of noble ebony, green G10, black G10 or rather sandalwood. Those who want to take a closer look at the new IP "wild boar frischling" can also do so in the manufacturer's video linked below.  The knife is already available.

The legendary "Puma Rüdemann" was designed by Walter Tassius back in 1975. Now, Philipp Tassius, the grandnephew of the forester and trained dog handler, is following in his footsteps and provided the design for the new Puma IP "Rüdemann" Interceptor knife.  According to the manufacturer, the goal in the modernized further development was to meet today's requirements of wild boar hunting. The focus was on functional suitability, because especially with the defensive wild boar, the "cold steel" must feel in the hand as if knife and hand were one thing. You can also get a first impression of the new knife in the manufacturer's video linked below. The new IP Rüdemann is already available and costs 239 euro.

Knife of the Year 2023: Puma is re-issuing the "Kappmesser Flughafenfeuerwehr BUND" model after more than 50 years

The Puma Knife of the Year 2023 was the "Kappmesser Flughafenfeuerwehr BUND" model, whose production was discontinued more than 50 years ago. In addition to the sheath, a wooden box is also included.

Of course, the Knife of the Year 2023, which has been eagerly awaited by die-hard collectors, can't be missing from the round of Puma novelties. The handmade collector's item is also limited to 50 pieces. This time it is a drop-forged knife with handles made of precious and stabilized walnut wood, which comes as a new edition of a piece that has not been manufactured for more than 50 years: the "Kappmesser Flughafenfeuerwehr BUND", which was based on the proven "Puma 6390 Automesser" at the time. The new Puma Knife of the Year comes with a green saddle leather sheath and in a high quality lined wooden box. It is thus once again a true one-of-a-kind knife from the Solingen knife manufacturer and should be available from mid-May at a price of 1490 euros. Those who do not want to wait that long and want to secure one of the limited-edition knives can already order it here in the Puma online store. Those who are quick can also choose a still free serial number here.

You can find out more about the Puma knife factory in Solingen and other innovations on the Puma website.

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