Hausken Jakt JD 224 Lite XTRM Mk2: the slim sound suppressor with top performance

The Norwegian manufacturer Hausken has been specializing in the development and manufacturing of high-quality sound suppressors since 1992 and repeatedly achieved top marks for its products in tests. The expertise acquired over so many years pays off for the company: the suppressor's quality is immediately noticeable.  At Hausken, the manufacturing processes are carried out under state-of-the-art conditions: the sophisticated designs are made from high-alloy aluminum and optimized on precision machines for maximum quality. The suppressors are manufactured in Norway under strict requirements for durability, accuracy, stability and performance.

The use of sound suppressors in hunting has been continuously increasing for years. Not only is the hunting dog's and hunter's hearing spared, but also game is less disturbed: due to the much lower recoil , the rifle stays on the target after the shot and the scope provides a much better image of the action.

Game movements can be followed more closely and the increased stability helps to achieve greater accuracy in the event of a follow-up shot. The muzzle flash suppression, which can blind the shooter at dusk and at night, also allows for a better overview.
For years, Hausken has been offering many models popular among hunters. Thanks to continuous innovations and optimization in construction, the manufacturer is launching further developments of its products onto the market and is thus providing the leading design solution : both the suppressor's performance has been further increased and the size and weight have been reduced

We mounted the Hausken Jakt JD 224 Lite XTRM Mk2 onto a Merkel Helix caliber .30-06 and shot it together with Norma Bondstrike ammunition . In the video we also give tips on maintenance and care: 

Video: the Hausken Jakt JD 224 Lite XTRM Mk2 suppressor

Extreme sound attenuation: the Hausken Jakt JD 224 Lite XTRM Mk2 

Hausken marks its particularly quiet suppressors adding "XTRM" for "extreme" sound reduction performance . A Jakt JD 224 XTRM MK2 thus achieves on average 2-3 dB (decibel) more noise reduction than the corresponding Jakt JD 224 MK2 – since the sound pressure level measured in dB is a logarithmic value, this already makes a difference in practice! 

The designation "Lite" in the product name refers to a slim version: the diameter and weight are significantly reduced. The Hausken JD 224 LITE MK2 measures 1.77” / 45 mm in diameter in comparison to its larger brother's 2” / 50 mm. The sound reduction performance suffers from this, however, due to the construction. 

HAUSKEN JAK 224 LITE XTRM MK2 silencer on Merkel Helix with GECO optics on the shooting range 
Thanks to its telescopic design, the Hausken Jakt JD 224 Lite XTRM Mk2 suppressor extends the overall length of the gun by only 5.35” / 136 mm, with a total length of 8.8” / 224 mm. 

With the new Jakt JD 224 Lite Xtrm Mk2, Hausken now combines increased performances with a compact design and achieves maximum sound reduction with a very slim and elegant look. With its 1.77” / 45-mm diameter and a weight of only 320 g, it nevertheless offers the same damping performance as the Hausken JD 224 MK2. Only the Jakt JD 224 XTRM MK2 is even quieter, but with a diameter of 2” / 50 mm it weighs 380 g on the scale.

Hausken achieves the increased sound suppression with an additional sound reduction mesh lining inside the suppressor . Like the manufacturer's other models, the Jakt JD 224 Lite XTRM Mk2 is made from high-quality aluminum. The hard anodizing process guarantees a long service life when properly maintained. The thread of the silencer is made of acid-proof steel. Don't forget to lubricate the threads and seals with heat-resistant grease as usual before installation.

The suppressor performance is of course linked to the rifle caliber and barrel length and also varies with ammo load. The Hausken 224 Lite XTRM Mk2 shows its full effect with calibers with smaller case volumes such as 6.5x57 and .308 Win. But it also cuts a fine figure in front of a Magnum caliber. Despite its slim dimensions, the Hausken in the Lite version packs the higher power and dampens sound reliably.

Hausken Jakt JD 224 Lite XTRM Mk2 suppressor: technical data

Model: Hausken Jakt JD 224 Lite XTRM Mk2 
Manufacturer: Hausken
Calibers: .22 / .243-7 mm / .30 / 8 mm S / 9,3 mm - .375
Thread: 18x1
Outer diameter: 1.77” / 45 mm
Added length from muzzle: 5.35” / 136 mm
Overall length: 8.8” / 224 mm
Weight: 11.28 oz / 320 g

The Hausken Jakt JD 224 Lite XTRM Mk2 is available for 589 euro (recommended retail price – this may vary in your country due to VAT and import duties). The integrated thread is 18x1 - but the manufacturer offers thread adapters for all thread types. These adapters cost 19.90 euro each.

HAUSKEN JAKT JD 224 LITE XTRM MK2 silencer with NORMA Bondstrike ammo on the shooting range General view
After a short familiarization period, a suppressor in the truest sense of the word no longer carries much weight. The Hausken Jakt JD 224 Lite XTRM Mk2 is also a lighter "slim" version. 

Hausken Jakt JD 224 Lite XTRM Mk2 suppressor: wrapping up

The Hausken Jakt JD 224 Lite XTRM Mk2 is much more expensive than its brothers without “XTRM” and “Lite” in the name, but does not put on too much weight and with its slim design offers great comfort and at the same time optimal sound reduction performance. This makes the Hausken Jakt JD 224 Lite XTRM Mk2 the ideal companion for hunting situations – of course only where hunting with suppressors is permitted by law.

Experience has shown that concerns about the balance of the rifle disappear after a short period of familiarization. With 320 g, the Hausken Jakt JD 224 Lite XTRM Mk2 is a lightweight anyway. A suppressor always shifts the rifle center of gravity a little forward, which even has a positive effect on its swinging behaviour, e.g. on a driven hunt. The gun gets longer, so you need a little more space on the high seat. But thanks to the telescopic design, the added length of the Hausken is reduced.

As a special feature, suppressors can now also be ordered in various attractive colors and for an extra charge in the desired color too. This is visually surprising and a real eye-catcher! With reliable ventilation and regular cleaning of the silencer you will enjoy the slim and light Hausken Jakt JD 224 Lite XTRM Mk2 for a long time. Your hearing will also thank you for it.

Here you will find further information about Hausken suppressors .

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