Hunting accessories: New products, tests, experience reports

Test: ZEISS Victory V8 1,8–14x50 riflescope
ZEISS promotes and describes its Victory V8 1.8-14x50 as an all-rounder among riflescopes, well suited for practically any hunting situation. But do target optics also deliver what they promise during actual hunting? We have an exclusive user-test from for you to read.
Steambow, the self-cocking crossbow
Steambow, an Austrian company, developed the self-cocking crossbow: an excellent combination of a conventional crossbow and a patented fast self-cocking system powered by high-pressure air stored in HPA bottles used in paintball sports.
MePaBlu Lady Line: earmuffs for ladies
A  German company developed earmuffs that take into account the anthropometric features of the female skull.  The “Lady Line” electronic ear defenders offer 10-fold amplification of surrounding natural sounds and clear and directional hearing, with a 25 dB SNR value.
Crispi Track: high visibility hunting boots
We tested the quality of the Crispi Track GTX: durable and protective boots designed for walking hunts in the woods and on the most difficult terrain.
Yukon and Pulsar 2018 catalogs: optics for day and night
Yukon Advanced Optics and Pulsar launched their new catalogs for 2018. You will find about 90 pages entirely about optics for hunters and nature lovers. Whether it’s for hunting during the day or at night, here you will find the respective links to the catalogs as well as an overview of test reports on the current Yukon and Pulsar models.
SIG Sauer Electro Optics presents its new BDX technology
05/05/2018 - Exclusive! SIG Sauer Electro Optics introduces its new BDX (Ballistic Data Xchange) optronic technology.  BDX shares ballistc data between a laser rangefinder and a hunting riflescope with electronic reticle using a a smartphone as a hub. MRSP starts at 1200 euros

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