Crispi Futura NXT boots: a further step into the future

Less than a year has passed since Crispi amazed everyone with the introduction of the Futura, a revolutionary boot that would change the way of conceiving the hunting boot forever. However, the premise had been clear: Futura did not represent a product in its own right, but stood from the outset as the progenitor of a series destined to expand and enrich itself over time. In other words, it was not just a model, but the first model in a series that today, with the Futura NXT takes its second, important step into the... future.

The Crispi Futura Philosophy: fusion!

The new Crispi Futura NXT boots are revolutionary and innovative at first glance.

Behind it all is an insight that encapsulates many things: today's hunting has changed (and even more so the hunting to come), and hunters have changed too. The seasons themselves have changed, as has the way of seeing and conceiving of oneself as a hunter. Words such as ethics and performance dominate. In fact, everything is lighter and more performance-oriented, from guns to technical equipment, and hunting is becoming increasingly technical, sporting and experienced as a search for ever broader horizons in which to find yourself. Many have left, especially "Sunday hunters". Indeed, those who continue to keep the torch of passion burning are huntersThat qualifies him to the world and in its eyes as such.

These are knowledgeable and prepared hunters, all capable of conceiving their activity as a daily challenge with themselves and the environment, to be carried out, however, in full integration with it. In the light of an absolutely sporting dimension. It was obvious that just as in other disciplines, where the evolution of footwear has been evident (do you remember volleyball, running, basketball or athletics shoes of 30-40 years ago? Now compare them with those of today!) the same thing had to happen sooner or later in hunting footwear.

And it is from this inescapable point that the Futura was born. The first hunting boots capable of combining the contents of tradition with innovative technologies borrowed from intra-disciplinary contexts, to give third millennium hunters what they absolutely needed: a boot as comfortable as a trainer, as light as a hiking boot, as flexible as a running shoe, but protective, waterproof and grippy like a real hunting boot. And what's more, with one eye (actually, both) on elegance and aesthetics: which never hurts.

Hence the fusion of various technologies into one, to give the maximum and nothing less in terms of performance, control and protection.

Crispi Futura NXT (Next) features

Designed for the wettest and most extreme environments, the gaiter integrated into the upper provides protection from brambles and water up to below the knee.

Crispi Futura NXT boot, therefore, represents nothing more than an extension of the concept, presenting itself in two distinct parts, nevertheless skilfully merged in a single technical boot capable of performing a multiplicity of functions.

Put simply, if Futura was the smartphone, Futura NXT is the evolution with APPs into what we could easily call an I-Boot.

This is achieved by understanding precisely the two sections of which it is composed, and the relative functions they can perform in combination. The "bottom" part is 110% Futura, in all respects. From the Instant Fit to the Vibram Megagrip outsole, lightweight upper and everything else, with the focus on the Elastoflex midsole.

The top part, on the other hand, connected by expertly welded and fully waterproof seams, is an integrated gaiter made of 110% thorn and bramble-proof material.

The lacing system uses traditional laces for the lower part, and a BOA-type system with rubberized steel cables for the gaiter proper. Everything to create a single body perfectly adherent to the foot and calf up to the knee, so as to be sure of being able to face the same wet and humid environments for which we would normally wear rubber boots, but with real boots on our feet, to the benefit of stability, traction, injury prevention and thermal comfort. Especially in colder and wetter seasons and places.

The advantages are quite obvious: one can go from forest to plain, from rock to marsh, with a single shoe capable of working in every scenario in a less than optimal, but perfect way.

Materials of the Crispi Futura NXT boots

The quality of the materials is exceptional, and promises almost "eternal" durability with the proper maintenance that is due as it is to everything. We go from the Vibram Megagrip outsoles to the Nubuck uppers, to the rubber rands, to the real "profusion" of Kevlar and thornproof technical fabrics for the outer exoskeleton, up to the full Gore-Tex lining. The best and nothing less: all "merged" into one product that has no equal. And I say that, together with Daniele Cecchetti and his wife Claudia, because I had the prototypes on my feet for a full year last season, with great satisfaction.

Because this, too, is the "Crispi Method": using pro hunters who test and stress the prototypes of new footwear, then providing opinions, advice and opinions for the sole purpose of getting the end user the most perfect products possible.

Crispi Futura NXT intended use

Thus conceived, and understanding what these boots can (and cannot) do, one can intuit by logical consequence their various uses. I will try to give some pieces of advice:

Pointer dogs and woodcock: this is the hunt where for 80% of the season and environments, boots with gaiters are used; with the remaining 20% entrusted to rubber boots. That's it, with Futura NXT... they're all you need.

Wild boar: maybe they are wasted for those who only reach the posts and perhaps need something warmer and heavier. But for those who go hunting with dogs through impenetrable scrubland and damp ditches of torrents and mud... well, they seem to be made for that!

Selection hunting and stalking: they allow you to tackle any situation with a single boot, with the added certainty of wearing footwear of stunning elegance in its unmistakable technical dimension.

Migratory and static hunts: they would be just wasted if you only practice those types of hunting, like wearing the most technical football, basketball or volleyball shoes to watch a game on TV from the comfort of your sofa!

Hot, dry season and quail hunting: if Futura NXTs have a 'flaw', it is that they are rather warm boots. In fact, warmer than "normal" Futura boots. No, it really doesn't make any sense to put them on your feet for an quail hunting afternoon in the hills in September, just as it makes all the sense in the world to have them on your feet when hunting with dogs early in the morning amidst the dirt and the muddy, ruddy muck. If you don't understand why, I have to ask you one question: do you really go hunting?

Detail of the very original fastening system, with laces on the lower section up to the malleolus, and a BOA-type rubberised steel lace system for the gaiter.

How to use the Crispi Futura NXT boots

As you will see in the video, putting them on is super easy and fast. With unique ease of donning and doffing. Much, much quicker and more intuitive than getting to grips with many gaiters on the market today. Especially if you suffer a little from back pain, and so perhaps it becomes difficult to contort yourself to fix zips, Velcro straps, laces and semi-automatic buttons. In other words, the standard of 80% of the gaiters on the market. Many of these also have a major problem: the steel fixing strap under the boot, which can always get caught on branches or other things, causing ruinous falls that often lead to injury.

Here, that strap simply does NOT exist, and everything is integrated into a self-tightening, easy-to-adjust knee-high integrated gaiter for maximum comfort. With the added advantage of full waterproofing.

Final considerations on the Crispi Futura NXT boots

Will they have a popular price once on the market? No, because you pay for quality. Will they therefore be "expensive"? Not even that, because at Crispi they have worked well to create something potentially accessible to everyone.

In any case, I ask you three questions:

  1. How much does a boot with exceptional features cost?
  2. How much does a gaiter of the same level cost?
  3. How much does a good thermal boot with a Vibram outsole cost?

Here, now do the maths. And have a good life you all.

For more information on the Futura NXT boots please visit the Crispi website.

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