Fausti SLX Magnificent Sport Edition over-under in 28 gauge

For hunters who like to have fun and always train for clay shooting, but also for shooters who want to rely on a rugged gun with elegant lines, the Fausti Magnificent over-under can be a good choice. Chambered in 28 gauge, as always happens with small gauges every aesthetic detail is enhanced even more by the small and well-proportioned size . From a technical standpoint, the lower weight and the reduced grip area make swing faster and more intuitive , the field of view is wider and the shooter's fatigue reduced. 

Produced in 12, 20, 28 gauges and 410 bore , the Magnificent over-under shotgun has its receiver machined from the solid forged steel blocks using numerical-controlled machine tools. The patented Fausti Four Locks system with four locking points guarantees gun solidity, durability and stability. To the two bolts in the barrel monobloc for vertical latch, two more bolts are added in the inner sides of receiver. This way, they operate laterally and longitudinally, producing an orthogonal double locking.  

Stock of the Fausti SLX Magnificent Sport Edition over-under
Stock can be custom-made or adjustable.
Fausti SLX Magnificent Sport Edition in 28 gauge  at the shooting range.
The Fausti SLX Magnificent is manufactured in 12, 20, 28 gauge and .410 bore with scaled receivers and patendend Fausti "Four Locks" locking system.

Fausti SLX Magnificent Sport Edition, available in four barrel lenghts

The special three-alloyed steel barrels machined out of bored bars are available in four different lengths – 71, 73, 76 and 81 cm. Like every Fausti gun, this over-under also has its  features adapted to its intended use and to the shooter's needs. Depending on the different shooting disciplines in which the over-under is used, it can be equipped with fixed chockes for trap and skeet or a set of internal and interchangeable chockes for sporting use . The selective single trigger is adjustable , ejectors are automatic. 

The pistol grip stock is made of high grade oil-finished walnut wood, while the recoil pad can be wood or rubber. Stock is completed by a Schnabel or English forend.  You can choose a custom-made stock or an adjustable stock. The deep checkering allows for a firm purchase and a precise gun swing. The 28 gauge model we used undoubtedly facilitated acquaintance with the swing of the Fausti SlX Magnificent over-under. The almost non-existent recoil made the test at the shooting range a pleasant experience. Thanks to the gun stability, follow-up shots were always fast and accurate, case ejection was positive and consistent

Video: Fausti SLX Magnificent Sporting, over-under in 28 gauge for clay shooting fans

Fausti Magnificent SLX Sport Edition: technical data

Model: Fausti  Magnificent SLX Sport Edition
12, 20, 28 .410 bore
Barrel lengths:  28, 29.7, 30, 32 in (710, 730, 760, 810 mm)
fixed or interchangeable
pistol grip, custom-made or adjustable, rubber recoil pad
deep laser engraving
from 4280 euro + VAT (price in your country may vary due to import duties)

For further information about the SLX Magnificent Sport Edition over-under, visit the  Fausti Stefano Arms website .

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