F.A.I.R. Racing Sporting over/under shotgun, the field test

Part of the F.A.I.R. Racing family, the “Sporting” over/under shotgun is especially designed for that shooting discipline, practiced by professionals and by passionate shooters and hunters as well. An activity that involves even younger generations because it is characterized by the variety of clay pigeons that simulate the flight and movements of wild birds traditionally sought by hunters. The F.A.I.R. Racing over/under shotgun we tested in the nice Acquaviva shooting range (in Italy) is a 12 gauge, but it is also available in 20 gauge. Let's now briefly analyze what are or should be the characteristics of a shotgun to be used in sporting clays and then we'll move on to the description and evaluation of the Racing over/under subject of our test.

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The sporting clays shotgun

Fair Racing Sporting over/under shotgun, the field test
The Racing Sporting stock is equipped with the FX Stock system with adjustable cheek piece and rubber recoil pad for better ergonomics and accuracy.

Shotguns designed for this discipline can immediately distinguished from their barrels, both for their length and for the presence of interchangeable chokes. This is because the variety of range and clay pigeons often means that the shooter needs to change the choke value. Barrels are generally longer than those used in other shooting disciplines; they start from a minimum of 71 cm in 12 gauge and, given the complexity and increasing distance of the clay pigeons, barrels of an intermediate length of 76 cm are often used, up to the extreme length of 81 cm.

Shotgun balance should be neutral at the hinge pin for an optimal weight distribution along the whole gun that allows the shooter to always swing the shotgun with the same speed and accuracy even on variable trajectories and clays. Se we come to the stock, that must feature a pitch that allows the shooter to see the rib when aiming. A pitch similar to traditional hunting stocks with a thin comb and a wide pistol grip for a safe grip and an agile and stable swing on the target at the same time. 

F.A.I.R. Racing over/under details

Fair Racing Sporting over/under shotgun, the field test
The wide 9 mm ventilated rib with sighting line of the Racing Sporting  is very useful when aiming at the farthest targets.

Against this background, already from a first analysis it is evident how the F.A.I.R. Racing meets the technical requirements. The body, like the receiver bottom and the monobloc, is machined from stock, featuring side reinforcements and a thickness of 40 mm for maximum resistance and stability. A shiny black outer finish with gold engravings bearing the model name and the silhouette of a clay pigeon in flight on the receiver bottom make the gun even more attractive and aggressive. 

The single bolt locking into two lugs is oversized and the steel hinge pins are interchangeable. The golden single trigger is selective and adjustable thanks to the X-Trigger system. Case ejection is automatic and operated by long-stroke selective extractors. 

Shooting impressions

Fair Racing Sporting over/under shotgun, the field test
The Racing Sporting over/under is available with 71, 76 and 81 cm barrels featuring 3"/76 mm magnum chambers and a set of internal and interchangeable chokes.

Confidence with the shotgun was immediate after the first shots thanks to an optimal balance that made it pleasant and accurate during a sporting shooting session. Using 76 cm barrels with 3- and 2-star chokes we hit clay pigeons from different directions and ranges with clear breaks, often even with the second barrel over 40 meters.

To demonstrate the ease of swinging, also thanks to the standard weight of the gun that remains around 7.9 lb/3.6 kg, on two occasions I broke two clay pigeons in a quick string. Using standard 24-gram 7 ½ lead Baschieri F2 Flash cartridges, the effects of recoil were not felt heavily and the Racing over/under proved stable when firing follow-up shots. I found the sighting line along the rib to be very useful in aimed shooting at the farthest clay pigeons, and I think it can be helpful for young shooters who face their first challenges on the range. All in all, an over/under shotgun that can be an excellent compromise in terms of quality and price for both newbies and experienced shooters. 

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