Fair 20-gauge Xlight Snipe and Leisure Premier Combi over/under hunting shotguns

F.A.I.R. Xlight Snipe
The new 20-gauge Xlight Snipe over/under, ultralight shotgun for upland hunting/game shooting

Since 1971, the year F.A.I.R. was established, the company has specialised in the construction of sports/competition guns and hunting shotguns designed to offer the greatest reliability and full functionality. 

As well as standing out in terms of reliability and functional character, the elegance of the design and meticulous attention to detail is evident in the over/under Leisure Premier Combi, available in the following gauges: 20/410 - 28/410 - 20/28 - 20/8 - 28/8 - 36/8. It is a beautiful gun, with a single selective trigger, elegantly engraved with a dedicated action and select European walnut wood. The latest F.A.I.R over/under for upland hunting/game shooting, the 20-gauge Xlight Snipe, stands out in terms of lightness and versatility. 


This over/under is built to be strong, but is also surprisingly light as it is made of Ergal 55 aluminium alloy, as used in the aviation industry. It is easy to image how this makes the gun easier to handle and carry, making it perfect for upland hunters on a game shoot with their dogs. In fact, its characteristics make it ideal for long hunts and instinctive shooting. The 61-cm barrel is just the right length for working with pointers in woodland.


The new F.A.I.R over/under features quality select walnut, which is particularly ergonomic thanks to the laser-cut design of the grips. The oil-resistant rubber recoil pad further adds to the comfort of the gun, while reducing the effect of the recoil. The nickel-plated action is engraved with laser-etched hunting scenes at three different levels. There are no ribs to save weight, and the gun with chokes weighs just 1.25 kg. The 20-gauge Xlight Snipe with automatic long-stroke selective extractors is supplied with three Technichoke chokes designed to increase the spread at short range. 

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