New for 2024: KelTec SUB2000 GEN3, the foldable carbine

Welcome to the fold, they say at KelTec, with the SUB2000 GEN3, the third generation of the company's 9mm semi-automatic carbine that literally “folds in half, optics and all”. The idea is to have a gun that can be folded away whenever space is limited – once folded, the SUB2000 GEN3 is only 410 mm long – while still being able to quickly deploy in case of need without having to mess around with folding or collapsible stocks – and the stock is still adjustable. Moreover, thanks to its rotating forend the SUB2000 is a “put-it-on and leave-it-on” optics ready carbine. As the manufacturer points out, “the simple, single handed movement and positive locking system keeps your optic of choice zeroed and ready to go on a moment’s notice”. To fold the carbine you just have to press down the trigger guard and rotate the forend until it snaps into the retention latch on the buttstock. To unfold the gun, just push a button on the end of the buttstock and rotate the forend back until it engages with an audible snap.

KelTec SUB2000 GEN3: simple, modular and convenient

KelTec's SUB2000 GEN3 features a 16.15”/410.21 mm threaded barrel, M-LOK slots on the polymer forend, and plenty of Picatinny rail space for accessories.

Indeed, the keywords here are “simple”, “modular” and “convenient”. Simple: the latest KelTec PCC is designed with a straight blow-back system, for easy operation and maintenance. Field stripping is very basic too, so that he carbine can easily be disassembled for cleaning or inspection without tools. The suppressor ready threaded barrel is 16” long, which helps in fully exploiting accuracy, velocity and power of your 9mm cartridges.

The SUB2000 GEN3 literally folds in half: ideal for backpacking trips and whenever space is limited.

Modular: the SUB2000 GEN3 features plenty of M-LOK slots for accessory compatibility and plenty of Picatinny rail space on top and bottom. And the accessories such as lights or optics can be mostly left mounted even when the carbine is folded.

Accessories such as lights and/or optics can be left mounted even when the SUB2000 GEN3 is folded.

Convenient: with a price tag in the U.S. just a bit shy of $500, at $499.99 is intentionally designed to be the most convenient 9mm caliber carbine available. And it is compatible with the ubiquitous Glock magazines too, accepting G19/G17 magazines.

KelTec claims that the SUB2000 GEN3 is Ideal for backpacking trips and situations where space and convenience are paramount. Hard to disagree in this case.

KelTec SUB2000 GEN3 video introduction

KelTec SUB2000 GEN3 specs and price

Barrel Length: 
16.15”/410.21 mm
Overall Length:
775 mm
Length Collapsed: 
742 mm
Length Folded: 
410.21 mm
Weight (Unloaded):1.9 kg
Magazine Capacity: 
Varies by magazine
Price (MSRP in the U.S.): 
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