Kel-Tec RDB-C Hunter semiautomatic rifle

Kel-Tec Hunter 
Kel-Tec Hunter, new semiautomatic rifle

Last year, Kel-Tec expanded its line of tactical and sport shooting-oriented bull-pup rifles and carbines with the addition of the RDB and M43 downwards-ejecting semi-automatic rifles. 

This year, the Florida-based company announces the launch of a dedicated variant of the RDB platform comceived for hunting purposes.

Dubbed the RDB-C “Hunter” and  available in 5,56x45mm/.223 and 6,5mm Grendel calibers, Kel-Tec's new rifle is available in two barrel length variants and sports the same bullpup configuration and downwards ejecting system as the baseline RDB. 

The difference is in the stock, which lacks a prominent pistol grip and thus makes it a “friendlier” design for those jurisdictions where the use of modern sporting rifles for hunting is forbidden, or even their ownership is severely limited.

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