Here comes the Kriss Vector in .22 Long Rifle

Here comes the Kriss Vector in .22 Long Rifle
The side view of the CRB version shows all the originality of this firearm, which, although more appreciable in the full-auto version, has proved very effective.

Long life to the .22 Long Rifle, which is experiencing a new season of success in the US, even if its fortunes never really faded. Now the Vector series by Kriss USA also boasts a version in this caliber. “The release of the Vector .22LR is an important milestone in the development of the Vector platform by making it more accessible to shooters of all skill levels and budget-minded consumers,” said a spokesman for the Virginia-based company.

The Kriss Vector in .22 LR caliber will be available in carbine (Vector CRB) and stabilizing brace (Vector SDP-SB) configurations with three color options: black, dark flat earth and alpine white. Vector .22 LR caliber firearms feature a very low barrel axis and a  linear blowback action. They are fed with a proprietary 10 rounds magazine – 30 round proprietary extended magazine will also be available.

The Kriss Vector CRB .22LR has a 40 cm (16") barrel with threaded muzzle, surrounded by an M-lok modular hand guard. Standard features include a Picatinny top rail with low profile front and rear flip sights, ambidextrous safety, and a 6-position M4 telescopic stock.

Here comes the Kriss Vector in .22 Long Rifle
The SDP-SB features a 6.5”/ 165 mm barrel and will have a stabilizing brace. It's available in black, alpine white or flat dark earth.

The Vector SDP-SB .22LR has the same features as the CRB but with a 6.5” / 165 mm  threaded barrel. Although in the promotional photos it shows an M4-type telescopic stock, the final version will be fitted with an a SB Tactical Stabilizing Brace that will help to reduce its overall length.

The new .22LR models will be the most affordable versions of the Kriss Vector series, with a US price of 649 USD. We are looking forward to testing this interesting and unique gun. 

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