Defiance DMK22, the .22 carbine by Kriss USA

The Defiance DMK22, a .22LR AR-15 style carbine designed and produced by Kriss USA, is hitting the market. Kriss is the same innovative manufacturer of small arms that some years ago surprised the guns world with its nonlinear Recoil Mitigation System  that revectors energy down and away from the shooter’s shoulder to dramatically reduce felt recoil and muzzle climb. Kriss's new product, the Defiance DMK22 Rimfire Sporting Rifle, is a highly customizable and full metal construction rimfire carbine. Available models include the DMK22C as well as the DMK22 LVOA, officially licensed by War Sport Manufacturing.

The DMK22C features a 16.5”, 4140 Chrome Moly, barrel with a 1:16” twist rate, ½” x 28 RH threading, and black nitride coating. The 13” free floating hand guard is made from aircraft grade aluminum, with a MIL-STD 1913 Picatinny top rail and modular rail section attachment points at the three, six, and nine o’clock positions. 

Defiance DMK22, the .22 carbine by Kriss USA
The DMK22 LVOA is equipped with the War Sport LVOA modular hand guard.

The DMK22 LVOA features the iconic War Sport LVOA modular hand guard. The proprietary sporting rifle receivers are forged from an aluminum alloy and are designed to be compatible with AR-15 upgrade parts; such as MILSPEC butt stocks, pistol grips, dust covers, charging handles, forward assists, magazine releases, muzzle devices, and hand guards. The bolt catch functions with the included Defiance .22LR magazine to lock the bolt back when empty, even when the magazine is removed.

According to the Company, further customization can be achieved with different barrel profiles, through a patent pending barrel adaptor system. The DMK22C is compatible with most Ruger 10/22 aftermarket barrels. Additionally, select .22LR AR-15 magazines also fit and feed in the Defiance DMK22C, though they do not trigger the bolt catch. The DMK22C is also compatible with a select number of AR-15 aftermarket trigger packs.

Low Profile Flip Sights, DS150 adjustable stock, and pistol grip are standard for all Defiance DMK22 carbines. All models include a 15-round Defiance magazine, but 10-round magazines are also available for capacity restricted markets.

Besides the black version, there is a choice of Cerakote color options for the DMK22C, which is available in Flat Dark Earth and OD Green. The Defiance DMK22 LVOA is available in black, but the press release photos also show an OD version.

The .22 Defiance DMK22 carbine in Cerakote Flat Dark Earth
The .22 Defiance DMK22 carbine is also available in Cerakote Flat Dark Earth and OD Green color options

The manufacturer's recommended prices are 699.00 USD (around 590 Euro) for the Defiance DMK22C - 799.00 USD/675 Euro for the color option versions - and 799.00 USD (675 Euro) for the Defiance DMK22 LVOA black version.

For further information, please visit the Kriss USA website.