From Diana, new XR200 and 210 PCP air rifles, available in four calibers

For decades the name Diana has been inextricably linked to the "springer" air rifles with which most of today's 50-year-olds learned to shoot. Founded in Rastatt, Germany, in 1890 the company named after the goddess of hunting can boast many firsts in the air rifle industry, starting with the trademark that in the current parlance of so many countries identifies the same type of gun. Its longest-lived model, the Diana 27, was manufactured continuously from 1910 to 1987, making it one of the longest-lived products ever. But Diana is not just about tradition: great importance is placed on continuous product innovations, which are embodied in the new XR200/XR210 PCP air rifles.

The new Diana XR200 and XR210 PCP rifles

Full side view of the Diana PCP air rifle with synthetic stock.

The German manufacturer's newest rifle is called the XR200 and is a PCP air gun, meaning it is powered by pre-charged compressed air contained in a air tube located under the barrel. The new Diana is available in 4.5 mm, 5.5 mm, 6.35 mm and 7.62mm calibers. The two variants available so far are called the XR200 Premium, featuring a beech wood stock, and the XR210 OD Green, fitted with an olive green polymer stock and with tacticool touches lent by black non-slip rubber panels on the grip areas. Both versions offer height-adjustable cheek rests and feature a Picatinny rail on the lower section of the fore-end that allows the attachment of a bipod.  An 11-millimeter rail machined on the receiver, on the other hand, allows the mounting of conventional optic bases, which is essential because both models, given their intended use, lack mechanical sights.

Digital rendering of the beechwood stock version, the XR200 Premium.

Common features of the two versions include the 548-mm-long Lothar Walter barrel threaded for muzzle brakes and compensators, an overall length of 1,090 millimeters, and a weight of about 3 kilograms. The trigger fitted as standard on the two rifles is the standard, adjustable two-stage type, but an Olympic trigger specifically designed for competition use and equipped with even superior features is also available as an option. Cocking relies on the classic side lever system, which is simple and easy to operate. Diana's XR-series rifles are fed by 280-cc tube reservoirs, while pellets are fed by a rotating magazine that has the capacity of 14 pellets in 4.5mm caliber, 12 in 5.5 caliber, 10 in 6.35 caliber and 8 in 7.62mm caliber. Pressure level can be adjusted by means of a built-in Altaros regulator, and the reservoir fill level can be seen on a gauge on the right side of the rifle, which is easily reversible. A full capacity magazine and a two-round magazine are supplied with each rifle. Let's talk about power, which again is the same in the two versions: in 4.5mm caliber the rifle offers a maximum pellet exit velocity of 295 meters per second, for an energy of 24 joules. In the 7.62mm caliber version, the maximum pellet velocity is 220 meters per second, for an energy of 75 joules.

Each XR series rifle is delivered in a handy plastic case. Also soon to be released is a version with green polymer stock and a carbon fiber-wrapped barrel. The price, regardless of caliber, is 1,145 euros for the XR210 OD Green version and 1,244 euros for the XR200 Premium version.

Diana XR200 / XR210 PCP rifles specs and price

XR200 Premium / XR210 OD Green 
4.5 mm, 5.5 mm, 6.35 mm, 7.62 mm
PCP 250 BAR with pressure regulator
Magazine Capacity:
8 to 14 shot depending on caliber 
Barrel Length:
23”/584 mm
Overall Length:
1,090 mm 
3 kg 
Beech wood / Polymer
None, optic rails
1,244 euro / 1,145 euro
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