Chiappa Firearms RAK-9, semi-auto carbine in 9mm

The RAK-9 is a further development of the PAK-9 project that was devised by the Dynamic Shooting champion Mirko Mazza. Built on license in Romania, the Chiappa PAK-9 is in fact a blowback action AK47 chambered in 9mm.

The bolt travel has been reduced to adapt the operating cycle to the 9mm cartridge, which is shorter than the 7.62x39 cartridge of the original Kalashnikov. For the rest, aesthetics, dimensions and general feeling of the gun are the same as the AK47.

Armi Chiappa RAK-9, an AK47 in 9mm

Chiappa Firearms RAK-9, semi-auto carbine in 9mm with Fiocchi ammunition
The RAK-9 can also use the Beretta 92/98 or GLOCK 17/19 ​​pistol magazines.

As for the short model, the RAK-9 is fed by a double-stack 10-round magazine. It is possible to use the Beretta 92/98  ​​pistol magazines or, with a dedicated adapter, those of the GLOCK 17 or 19.

The semi-automatic RAK-9 carbine is equipped with sights identical to the Kalashnikov ones, consisting in an adjustable tangent back sight and a post front sight protected by a hood. The RAK-9 can be equipped with most of the "aftermarket" accessories for AK47-type semi-automatic rifles.

Shooting witht the semi-auto carbine Chiappa RAK-9
Aesthetics, dimensions and general feeling of the RAK-9 are the same as the AK47.

The sheet metal receiver cover can be removed by simply pressing a button, making it extremely easy and intuitive to field-strip for cleaning and maintenance.

The manual safety works like on the real AK47, operating the sheet metal lever placed on the right side of the receiver.

Entirely made of steel, the RAK-9 carbine features a 17.3 in / 440 mm barrel and has a matte black finish. It’s also available in a .22 Long Rifle version, called RAK-22, equipped with a 10-round magazine.

The official list price is 808 euros for the .22 Long Rifle caliber version and 883 euros for the  9mm version.

Armi Chiappa RAK-9: technical data

9mm, .22 LR (RAK-22)
semi-automatic carbine
single action
Barrel length:17.3 in / 440 mm
10-round, double stack
back-tangent, front-post
manual on the right side of the receiver

883 euro (9mm cal. version)

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