Bushnell LMSS2 Elite Tactical spotting scope – A powerful observation optic for snipers

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The U.S. company Bushnell can be traced back to the year 1948. Today, Bushnell is one of the leading optics manufacturers in the USA. The focus continues to be on affordable optics for hunting and sports. All Bushnell products, whether riflescopes or spotting scopes, are characterized by their high quality workmanship and rugged mechanics. The latest highlight of the brand is the Forge and Nitro series. High-quality lenses and first-class mechanics make Bushnell optics a guarantee for accurate shots and hits at all ranges. It is not for nothing that military units and top shooters worldwide swear by Bushnell optics and their quality. For example, the U.S. Marine Corps has been using the Leupold M151 SSOT (Scout Sniper Observation Telescopes) Mark 4 in 12-40x60 mm since 2010, replacing the predecessor model M49 with fixed 20x magnification. The M151 SSOT scope with Mil Dot reticle complete package includes a tripod, night vision adapter and laser filter.  

Effective long range overview with Bushnell tactical spotting scopes

Weighing in at 1,150 grams and measuring 325 mm in length, the new Bushnell LMSS2 Elite Tactical Spotting Scope in 8-40x60 mm features an IPX7 waterproof aluminum chassis encased in a heavy-duty rubber overmold. Inside the lightweight metal chassis resides the HDOS (High Definition Optical System) lens system with EXO Barrier multi-coating, which protects against scratches on the outer surfaces and repels water and dirt. Bushnell promises the highest optical performance in contrast, resolution and color fidelity. The field of view at 100 meters is 87 meters at minimum magnification and 17 meters at maximum magnification.

Bushnell's new military spotting scope is available with either a H322 or Tremor 4 reticle. The H322/Tremor 4 reticle allows perfect coordination with identically designed riflescope reticles such as Horus Vision H59, H58, Tremor 2, Tremor 3 or Tremor 5, as well as any MRAD (Milliradian)-based reticle. This allows the team consisting of spotter (observer) and sniper to communicate with each other to engage targets as quickly and effectively as possible while taking trajectory, range and wind into account.

Bushnell's new military observation optics are available with either H322 or Tremor 4 reticles.

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