Full-length slide and barrel, compact grip: from Taurus, the new “hybrid” G3XL pistol

Take a compact frame grip and couple it to a full-size slide and barrel assembly: this is the basic concept of the G3XL, the latest G-Series compact pistol released by Taurus on the heels of the G3X they introduced just a few weeks ago

The GXL has the same 4”/101 mm stainless-steel barrel
The GXL has the same 4”/101 mm stainless-steel barrel and slide of the G3 model and a compact polymer grip frame.

In the realm of “crossover” or “hybrid” guns – as they prefer to call them at Taurus – the aim is always to “deliver the accuracy and confidence of a full-size pistol in a package that is ideally suited for comfortable concealed carry.” 

The new G3XL is in fact an EDC 9mm  striker-fired gun featuring the same 4”/101 mm stainless-steel barrel and slide of the G3 model and a compact polymer grip frame with a shorter accessory rail and without manual safety lever: this way overall length is 7.28”/185 mm – the same as the G3 – but height is 5.1”/130 mm, a bit less that the full-blown G3. Magazine capacity is 12 rounds. 

Video: Taurus G3XL

Taurus G3XL, concealability, accuracy and comfort

from Taurus, the new “hybrid” G3XL pistol
The compact grip easily conceals when holstered inside the waistband or while carrying OWB under casual clothing.

This is how the manufacturer sums up the G3XL's virtues: “Its full-size slide and 4-inch barrel contribute to longer sight radius, higher velocity and improved accuracy. While its compact, carry friendly grip aids in overall firearm concealment and comfort. The G3XL is purpose built without a manual safety to ensure a quick draw and fire under duress. A refined 6-pound trigger provides a crisp, clean break and short reset for quick, controlled follow-up shots.”

G3 and G3XL
G3 and G3XL size comparison.

The all-steel slide features a durable Tenifer black matte finish that is wear and corrosion resistant for everyday carry. Safeties include a striker block, a trigger safety, and the loaded chamber indicator.

The all-new hybrid 9mm configuration from Taurus  comes with two 12-round magazines. If higher cartridge capacity is desired, the G3XL will also accept available 15- and 17-round magazines – in this case, however, the advantages of a compact grip are obviously lost. 

As for the other G3-series pistol, also the G3XL is offered at an interesting price in the U.S.: – $342.98.

Taurus G3XL specs and price

9mm Luger
Magazine Capacity: 
12 rounds
Fixed front, drift adjustable rear
Striker block, trigger safety, loaded chamber indicator
Barrel Length: 
4”/101 mm
Overall Length: 
7.28”/185 mm
5.10”/130 mm
1.20”/30 mm