New Judge T.O.R.O.: the popular dual-caliber Taurus revolver is now optics ready

“What’s better than a Judge? A Judge with a dot on it!”. This is how Caleb Giddings, General Manager of Marketing for Taurus USA, aptly summarizes the highlight of the new  Judge T.O.R.O., the first extension to Taurus's T.O.R.O. revolver line.

The Taurus Standard Judge T.O.R.O. stainless steel model can be used with 2.5-inch .410 shotshells.
The Taurus Magnum Judge T.O.R.O. accepts 3-inch 410 shotshells. All version are equipped with a fiber optic front sight if you don't want to use the included optics plate.

Introduced just a few weeks after the impressive Judge Home Defender, the latest revolver from Taurus combines two key features: first, the Judge series capability to fire both .45 Colt and .410 bore cartridges thanks to a rifling shallower than the one found in common handguns or rifles, which allows the barrel to stabilize bullets while allowing the use of shot; secondly, the “Taurus Optic Ready Option” (T.O.R.O.) already seen in the 856 T.O.R.O. and 605 T.O.R.O. models – the first-ever optic-ready defensive revolvers – with the possibility to mount a compact red dot sight compatible with the Holosun K footprint. So, what we have with the Judge T.O.R.O. is an optic-ready revolver with .45 Colt / .410 bore dual caliber ability. “The Judge is without a doubt our most popular revolver, and adding a red dot to it just enhances its capabilities,” in the words of Giddings.

Judge T.O.R.O., available as Standard and Magnum models, steel or matte black

There are also matte black versions for the Judge T.O.R.O.. Here, the Magnuim model.
Taurus Judge T.O.R.O. matte black standard model. Cylinder capacity in all models is 5 shots.

The Judge T.O.R.O. is available in four different models, all of which feature a 3 inch barrel, smooth double action trigger. In case  you don’t want to use the included optics plate, all version are equipped with a fiber optic front sight. The four available models include a stainless or matte black model with a cylinder that accepts 2.5-inch .410 shotshells (Standard Judge T.O.R.O.), and stainless and matte black models that accept 3-inch 410 shotshells (Magnum Judge T.O.R.O.). Prices in the U.S. range from $615.99 for the matte black models (both Standard and Magnum) to $679.99 for the stainless steel variants. Cylinder capacity is five rounds.

Like all the T.O.R.O. models, the standard Judge T.O.R.O. and Magnum Judge T.O.R.O. optics plate accepts sights that fit the Holosun K-series or Shield RMSc footprints. All in all, now the Judge series from Taurus numbers more than a dozen models.