Pedersoli Tatham & Egg: the undisputed charm of the flintlock pistol

Between the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century the combined name of Tatham & Egg was one of the best known by the British aristocracy because in their workshop at number 37, Charing Cross, these two gunsmiths manufactured some of the best dueling pistols of the world.

The collaboration between the Londoner Henry Tatham and the French Jean Joseph Egg led to the extreme and final development of the flintlock mechanism, which would soon have been definitively supplanted by the percussion system.

Pedersoli Tatham & Egg .45 pistol: features

Detail of the saw-handle grip made of finely checkered walnut wood. Note the finger curl on the trigger guard.

Pedersoli has recently created a beautiful reproduction of a .45 caliber Tatham & Egg pistol originally manufactured around 1820. The most evident feature of this flintlock pistol is the saw-handle grip which offers several advantages. First of all, the ergonomic design of the grip enables to easily support the gun, also facilitating wrist alignment and effectively extending the line of sight. Moreover. The distance between the hand and the barrel axis is reduced, which enhances controllability.

Equipped with an adjustable back sight and a French stecher, the Pedersoli Tatham & Egg flintlock pistol features a 8.8 in/225 mm Premium Quality Grade smoothbore barrel in .45 caliber with rust brown finish, a walnut stock with checkered grip surfaces and case hardened metal parts. The overall length of the Tatham & Egg pistol is 16.6 in/422 mm for a weight of 38.8 oz/1100 g. The actual caliber of the barrel is .464 in and for ball casting the Pedersoli mold code US 307-464 can be used.

The Tatham & Egg pistol is not only a captivating collector's item, but can also be used in the muzzle-loading Cominazzo events. The retail price is around 1320 euro.

Model:Pedersoli Tatham & Egg
Type:muzzle-loading gun
Barrelsmoothbore, 8.8 in/225 mm long
Trigger:direct with stecher
Sightsadjustable back, adjustable front
Stock:walnut with saw-handle grip
Overall length:16.6 in/422 mm
Weight:38.8 oz/1100 g
Price:1320 euro (approx.)

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