Muzzleloading: MLAIC Long Range World Championships, Pedersoli's Gibbs racks up medals

Compared to long range shooting with modern firearms, muzzleloading presents additional difficulties, starting with loading, which becomes a very delicate and decisive operation.

Under the auspices of the MLAIC (Muzzle Loaders Associations International Committee) 59 athletes from three Continents gathered in Vesprèm, Hungary, from August 27 to September 2. There they faced this difficult challenge with the tenacity and determination that has always distinguished black-powder shooters.

Shooting distances increase considerably compared to traditional disciplines and are 300/500/600/900 and 1,000 yards, to be precise (one yard equals 91.4 cm). Perhaps some readers, connoisseurs and practitioners of long range shooting with modern rifles might consider them all-too-ordinary, but here we are talking about muzzleloading firearms, which present significant additional difficulties such as those imposed by the loading process, where an uncertainty during the pushing of the bullet to the bottom of the barrel or a micro-deformation of the projectile, made of soft lead, can ruin an otherwise excellent performance in a moment.

A shooter after firing a Pedersoli Gibbs. Top right of the photo shows the targets at a distance.

To this difficulty, inherent to the firearms, add the use of mechanical sights with a certain degree of complexity, but without lenses, reticles and compensating elements, and featuring an archaic design, of course. That put the shooter's expertise to the test.

The good thing is that you are shooting with finely crafted rifles, made specifically for these disciplines: they are certainly heavy and sometimes even unbalanced during transport, but once placed on the firing lines this flaws turns into a great asset, making them extremely stable.

Pedersoli Gibbs on the hunt for medals

The sun is setting on the targets at the Hungarian shooting range in Vesprèm.

This is the case of the Gibbs rifle, a gun of British origin, used since its early days in the sporting field that has always been the flagship of Davide Pedersoli's production in Gardone Val Trompia, Italy. Our affectionate readers also know Pedersoli for its excellent hunting lever-action rifles.

Not one of the simplest rifles, the Gibbs is certainly not the most suitable choice for a neophyte, but it extremely faithful in results, capable of not betraying the expectations of those shooters who, with time and experience, have been able to tame its temperament. There were quite a few Gibbs rifles at Vesprèm, over 20: not bad considering that the participants were among the best in the world in this discipline. The hope of seeing the Pedersoli brand on the podium came true, thanks to excellent placings, recorded over all distances. In total, the Pedersoli Gibbs rifle reached the podium with:

The 1,000-yard shot score sheet. When a shot is scored, it is recorded on this sheet. Fifteen shots are fired. The best score is 5.1.
  • 6 gold medals
  • 4 silver medals
  • 4 bronze medals.

Stefano Pedersoli, obviously very satisfied with the result achieved, would like to give a special thanks to the organization led by his friend Nemeth Balazs, “who was able, again this year, to stand out thanks to his presence on the field and constant assistance, all filled with a jovial spirit and a pleasant smile. Heartfelt applause to all the athletes engaged in these noble disciplines, with the hope that they will set an example to the new generations of shooters, the future of black powder."

Pedersoli's Gibbs rifle, a long range machine

The Pedersoli Gibbs is an extremely accurate and neat-looking percussion rifle in the best tradition of British-made sporting firearms.

Davide Pedersoli's Gibbs is a faithful reproduction of one of the most famous percussion rifles designed in 1865 by English gunsmith George Gibbs. It is a rifle that was made to please both aesthetic purists and shooters who wish to try their hand at long range shooting up to the distance of 1,000 yards. The long octagon-to-round blued steel barrel is available in 835 or 915 millimeter lenghts (32 /78 or 36 inches, respectively). Caliber is .40 or .45 with six rifling grooves.

The buttstock, made of walnut, is checkered and oil-polished, and is complemented by the premium figured wood butt cap and nose cap. The pistol grip allows a comfortable grip and excellent stability.

Pedersoli's Gibbs is equipped with a high-precision Creedmoor sight, windage and elevation adjustment of the eye piece up to 3” about (76 mm), spirit level tunnel front sight with windage adjustable with a micrometer screw, complete with a set of 15 interchangeable inserts (USA 408).

Pedersoli offers the Gibbs in five different versions. At the top of the range is the Deluxe version (L225), which features engravings finished by hand, identical to those shown on an original rifle. The lock, breech plug, tang and the trigger guard are engraved with a very fine “English” style pattern. The stock is select walnut wood. Price for the Standard model (S225) is €2,101 while for the Deluxe it is €4,068. The Deluxe version is the same as the Standard as far as mechanical and barrel quality are concerned, the price difference being due to the wood used and different finish.

Pedersoli Gibbs specs and price

2,101 euro (Standard version); 4,068 euro (Deluxe version)
.40 or .45
Six grooves, 1:16 - 1: 18 twist
Barrel Length: 835 or 915 mm (32 /78 “ or 36”)
Overall Length:
1250-1330 mm
Oil finished walnut wood
5,300 g approx.

For more information please visit the Davide Pedersoli website.

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