Video: Davide Pedersoli's Tatham & Egg, muzzleloading with style and technique

In the late 18th and early 19th centuries, the Tatham & Egg partnership was one of the most prized by the British aristocracy because some of the best dueling pistols in the world were manufactured in the two gunsmiths' workshop at 37 Charing Cross. Of course, it is misleading to imagine the composed English aristocrats engaged in frequent shootouts to settle matters of honor: in fact, gun cases were appreciated and desired more for their status symbol value than for actual practical use, and they were one of the classic gifts that were exchanged between high dignitaries on official visits and other special occasions. What is true is that between the late 18th century and the first half of the 19th century, some of the most aesthetically pleasing and technically refined firearms were made, thanks in part to craftsmen such as Henry and Joseph Egg.

Henry Tatham (1770-1835) was appointed "Sword Cutler and Beltmaker" to King George III in 1798 and Gunmaker to the Prince of Wales in 1799. In the first quarter of the 19th century, Henry was in partnership with Joseph Egg, scion of a French gunsmiths family, who was born in Alsace in 1775 and moved to London to seek his fortune. The collaboration between the Londoner Henry Tatham and the French Jean Joseph Egg led to the extreme and final development of the flintlock mechanism, which would soon have been definitively supplanted by the percussion system.

Davide Pedersoli's Tatham & Egg

Pedersoli has recently made a beautiful replica of a .45 caliber Tatham & Egg pistol originally manufactured around 1820. 

Pedersoli's distinctive Tatham & Egg saw handle grip. 

The most evident feature of this muzzleloading flintlock pistol is the saw-handle grip which, besides its unique charm, offers several advantages to shooters. First of all, the ergonomic design of the grip enables to easily support the gun (which weighs 1,100 g), also promoting wrist alignment and effectively extending the line of sight. But that's not all: the distance between the hand and the barrel axis is reduced, enhancing controllability. Under the trigger guard is a steel curl that can be used for a better and firmer grip.

The smoothbore Premium Match Grade barrel is 225 millimeters long and has an octagonal outer profile.

The Pedersoli Tatham & Egg flintlock pistol is in .45 caliber and features a 225-millimeter-long smoothbore Premium Match Grade barrel with octagonal profile and rust-brown finish. The rear notch is mounted on the tang and is adjustable (or easily replaceable) by acting on a screw, while the front sight is dovetailed on the barrel, which allows it to be side-adjusted.

Trigger is direct, with a French-style set trigger which is activated by pushing the trigger forward. In this way the release weight reaches a value of about 80 to 90 grams. Consistent with the original model, on the right side we find the small safety slide located behind the hammer.

Tatham & Egg's flint lock. Note the safety slide located behind the hammer.
The characteristic finger rest on the trigger guard of the Pedersoli Tatham & Egg.

The Tatham & Egg locks feature a color case hardened finish, while the barrel has a pleasing rust-brown hue. Stock is walnut with checkered grip surfaces. The overall length of the Tatham & Egg pistol is 422 mm for a weight of 1,100 kg.

The actual barrel caliber is .464" and Pedersoli's bullet mould US code 307-464 can be used for casting balls.

The Tatham & Egg pistol is not only a beautiful collector's item, but can be used in muzzle-loading competitions in MLAIC Cominazzo discipline where it has already begun to win medals. Retail price of the Pedersoli Tatham & Egg is 1,365 euros. 

Thanks to the special handle and excellent balance, the Tatham & Egg is very easy to handle.

Watch our video presentation of the Pedersoli Tatham & Egg in .45 caliber

Pedersoli Tatham & Egg specs and price

Pedersoli Tatham & Egg
Muzzleloading gun
Ignition System:
Smoothbore, 225 mm long
Direct with set trigger
Adjustable rear and front
Walnut, saw-handled
Overall Length:
422 mm
1,100 grams
1,365 euro

For more information about the Tatham & Egg pistol, visit the Pedersoli website.

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