From  Magnum Research, new BFR revolver in .500 Linebaugh

What happens if you pair a big revolver with the biggest handgun caliber? The answer is – very good news for big-bore fans! Magnum Research, part of Kahr Firearms Group andmanufacturer of the well-known Desert Eagle pistol, introduces the .500 Linebaugh Biggest Finest Revolver (BFR).

Features of the new revolver Magnum Research BFR in .500 Linebaugh caliber 

The Magnum Research BFR: here the standard version.

First, some info about the caliber: designed by John Linebaugh in 1986 for use in revolvers, it is one of the most powerful handgun cartridges, with a bullet diameter of .510" as compared to only .500" for other .50 caliber rounds, excluding the .50 BMG, speeds of up to 1300 feet-per-second and an energy of up to 1,632 ft-lbf (2,213 J). Only problem, being a proprietary cartridge there were no mainline firearms manufacturers that produced guns chambered for it, apart from pricey custom pieces.

So far, at least: here comes the  Magnum Research's "Biggest Finest Revolver". Actually, BFR stands for  "Big Frame Revolver": it's a single action wheelgun already chambered for some super calibers like the .500 S&W Magnum,.50 Action Express, 500 JRH and the .454 Casull, to name a few.

Magnum Research .500 Linebaugh BFR, “designed as a magnum from the ground up”

Magnum Research is the only one to offer a production revolver in .500 Linebaugh. The gun is really impressive indeed: “Entirely manufactured in the US and like the legendary Desert Eagle pistol it is designed as a magnum from the ground up”, as explained  by  Magnum Research guys. “The BFR is all stainless and has a precision grade barrel that delivers unmatched accuracy with lead or jacketed bullets. The BFR is the most powerful production single action gun made.”  

The revolver is available in four configurations, the standard model with a 7.5 inch barrel (BFR500LB7) or 5.5 inch barrel (BFR500LB5), and a model featuring Bisley grips with a 7.5 inch barrel (BFR500LB7B) or a 5.5 inch barrel (BFR500LB5B). Additional good news is the price: being production guns rather than custom pieces, the two models have a MSRP of 1399 USD and 1482 USD respectively. 

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