From Kimber Custom three new compact and full-size 1911 pistols

Kimber KHX (OI): a 1911 with Red Dot Sight installed

The Kimber KHX (OI) was an eye-catcher for everyone. The company from Yonkers, New York, showed in Las Vegas some new models of their KHX Custom pistols, such as the KHX Custom (OI) and the KHX Custom/RL (OI), which are available in .45 ACP, 9mm Luger and 10mm Auto. The equipment is outstanding for a 1911:

The Kimber KHX Custom (OI) comes as standard with a Trijicon RMR 06 Type 2.
  • Hogue Magrip G-10 grips,
  • stepped hexagonal slide serrations for a good grip,
  • Gray KimPro II finish on slide, frame and – in the RL version – 1913 Picatinny rail.

But the "OI" acronym hides another great feature: it means Optic Installed, so on every new KHX (OI) a RMR 06 Type 2 by Trijicon is already installed. We tested it at the Industry Day at the Range and it was great to shoot this new unique-looking gun. By the way, both Kimber 1911 models feature a commander-style hammer, an adjustable trigger pull between 1.8 and 2.3 kg and they are made of stainless steel.

The Kimber KHX Custom (OI) is available in the US from 1851 USD (1,632 euro) and the Kimber Custom/RL (OI) from 1946 USD (1716 euro).

Kimber EVO SP: four new models for the subcompact 9mm pistol

Kimber Evo SP CS.JPG
The Kimber EVO Custom Shop (CS) is just one of four variants that differ in appearance and features.

All pocket pistols in the Kimber EVO SP series come in 9mm Luger caliber. The abbreviation "SP" stands for Striker Pistol. The following versions are available:

  • KIMBER EVO SP Two Tone: : black FNC-finished stainless steel slide and barrel, Kimber Pro II aluminum silver frame, black G-10 grips and back straps, TRUGLO Tritium Pro night sights and  30 LPI (lines per inch) checkered front strap.
  • KIMBER EVO SP TLE: : black FNC-finished stainless steel slide and barrel, Kimber Pro II black frame, green and black G-10 handles and back strap, TRUGLO Tritium Pro night sights and 30 LPI checkered front strap. More aggressive checkering on the grips and the back strap than in the Two Tone version.
  • KIMBER EVO SP CDP: black FNC-finished stainless steel slide and barrel, Kimber Pro II gray frame, red-black G10 grips and back strap with Diamond Checkering, TRUGLO Tritium Pro night sights, and 30 LPI checked front strap. A special treatment makes it smoother and easier to pull without getting caught in clothing.
  • KIMBER EVO SP CS: weight-saving black FNC-finished stainless steel slide with grippier serrations and barrel, Kimber Pro II gray frame, gray-black G10 grips and back strap, TRUGLO Tritium Pro night sights and 30 LPI checkered front strap, with 7-round extended magazine.

We are looking forward to a first test fire. In the USA the Kimber EVO SP is available from 856 USD (755 euro).

Kimber Micro 9: new models for the miniature 1911 in 9mm Luger

Kimber Micro9 ESV Gray.JPG
The Kimber ESV Black: the golden barrel shimmers through the ported slide.

Also new, the Kimber Micro 9 - a smaller 1911 pistol. The Micro 9 comes in the ESV (black), ESV (gray) and KHX  variants. The KHX comes with a gray-finished frame and stainless steel slide. Hogue G10 grips and stepped hexagonal slide serrations.

The ESV Black is characterized by the black KimPro II-finished frame and slide, tritium night sights, ported slide and checkered front strap. And the ESV Gray features a gray coated frame and ported stainless steel slide, a rose copper coated barrel, and tritium night sights.

For more information on the new models and all other Kimber pistols, please visit the importer's website:  Waffen Ferkinghoff.

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