Two new Kimber K6s revolvers with 4-inch barrel

Kimber K6s Combat
The original K6s revolver with 2” barrel.

New for 2020, Kimber announced two additional versions for its K6s revolver lineup – the K6s Target and K6s Combat, both featuring a 4 inch barrel.

Chambered in .357 Magnum and introduced in 2016, the K6s was the first revolver ever produced by Kimber, a company best known for its 1911-type semi-automatic pistols. The pocket-sized, stainless steel K6s was originally offered with a 2” barrel – see the video below.

Video: Kimber K6s revolver

The original K6s revolver with 2” barrel
The K6s Combat is equipped with three-finger grips with finger grooves and white 3-dot sights.

The new 4" Target model features extended three-finger grips for superior comfort and a target adjustable rear sight, while the 4" Combat sports extended combat grips with finger grooves for better control and white 3-dot sights. Sight radius is 6.1”. While the original K6s was a double action only revolver, the Target and Combat versions belong to the DASA series introduced in 2019, meaning that they have a double and single action trigger mechanism.

Trigger is non-stacking and the factory pull weight setting is around 9.5-11.5 lb (4.3-5.2 kg) in double action and 3.25-4.25 lb (1.4-1.9 kg) in single action. Otherwise, the new K6s versions share the same basic features of the original platform, namely a 6-shot capacity and a stainless steel construction.

Grips are checkered wood. Weight with empty cylinder is 25.5 oz / 723 g.

The K6s Target and Combat with 4” barrel have the same price tag of 989 USD (MSRP).


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