FAS sporting guns, by Chiappa Firearms

The Italian-based Chiappa Firearms company showcased the entire line of FAS sporting guns at the 2016 edition of the IWA expo in Nuremberg, Germany; the company acquired the manufacturing rights for the FAS line of guns a couple of years ago, and now its FAS product line includes the FAS 6007 .22 Long Rifle semi-automatic pistol and the FAS 611 air rifle. The FAS 6007 rimfire olympic pistol was built to be well balanced, stable, controllable, and rapid-firing for when the situation requires it. A .22 Long Rifle Standard-category pistol, the FAS 6007 is a modular design that allows quick and complete disassembly of all components; the trigger group of the FAS 6007 is entirely self-contained, and can be separated from the gun and adjusted as required.

Chiappa Firearms showcased the FAS-611 air rifle and the .22 Long Rifle FAS-6007 semi-automatic pistol at the 2016 IWA OutdoorClassics  
Chiappa's FAS line of sporting guns includes the .22 Long Rifle FAS 6007 semi-automatic standard pistol and the FAS 611 low-power and high-power air rifle

The FAS 611 is a PCP (pre-compressed pneumatic) airgun sporting a beech-wood stock with a well-pronounced cheek riser; the air canister provides for 200 shots of 4,5mm/.177 at the minimum power gauge. The FAS 611 will be available in four different versions, depending from the muzzle energy level: 7,5 Joule, 16 Joule, 24 Joule and 30 Joule variants will be distributed in the near future.

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