Testing the Gen2 9mm Arex Delta: Delta X, M and L OR, and Grey Wolf

It seems that the muscle memory thing works well. "Man, these are the ones that were so narrow!": the testers remembered the feel of a grip that was only 28-mm wide. Only the relatively new Arex brand did not remind of anything at first. However, the first time they felt this manufacturer's Delta test guns, further memories quickly came to mind.

This is the same for all Arex Delta pistols

Stripping an Arex Delta is not a problem for anyone. Just pull down the disassembly latch above the trigger guard, as can now be found at many manufacturers.

For example, the relatively flat magazine release, like all controls, is on both sides. It takes a relatively large amount of pressure for the magazine to spring out of the grip. This is a safety benefit for users who are not involved in shooting sports, as the high magazine capacity of at least 15 cartridges is sufficient for real defence situations. The possibility of firing a round and needing to change the magazine is unlikely to occur in a self-defence situation. The risk of losing the magazine through unintentional contact with a too sensitive release is obviously seen as greater. For those who cannot live with the harder release on the flat part, Arex offers a higher release button. The manufacturer counteracts unintentional discharge in stressful situations with a trigger pull weight that is not too low, in this case just under 3,000 grams, but with a clearly defined wall. A red pin at the end of the striker signals that the gun is cocked. The loaded chamber is clearly indicated both visually and haptically by an extractor at the top of the slide. All Delta models are smooth to the touch. Getting caught when drawing the gun or handling it in confined spaces is a thing of the past. Except at the rear sight, on the muzzle side: in the event of a hand injury, the rear sight of the Arex Delta can used to rack the slide on a surface. The rear and front sights are made of metal. A major safety benefit is also evident during disassembly. On the Arex Delta models, moving back the slide by just under two millimetres is enough to pull the takedown latch downwards and then lift the slide with the striker uncocked. The striker will decock in the process if it was partially cocked prior to disassembly.

Each Arex pistol from the Delta series comes with a total of four backstrap adapters.

Lots of useful accessories for the Delta guns from Arex

The Arex Grey Wolf includes a sixth adapter plate with LPA micrometer rear sight. Matched to this is the front sight with red fiber optic insert. Unfortunately, here without the magwell included in the scope of delivery.

The four interchangeable backstraps on the AREX Delta series pistols allow them to adapt the grip to almost any hand size; the span between the grip back and front can be varied from around 49 to 55 mm. The options are not a gimmick, as the width of the grip is just under 28 millimetres. Many double-stack 9mm pistols with polymer grips measure over 30 mm in width, so a polymer magazine is available, the body of which must be thicker than that of a sheet steel magazine of the type used by Arex for the same stability. The OR versions come with five adapter plates for reflex sights including: Docter/Noblex, Vortex, Burris, C-More, Vector, Holosun, Swampfox, Trijicon, Sightmark, Shield and Leupold. The cleaning kit looks very high quality for this price range. The brushes as well as the parts of the cleaning rod appear stable and of high quality. The two Arex magazines are each equipped with a flush base pad and an extended one, which holds two additional cartridges. The resulting lengthening or shortening of the grip by around one centimeter allows further adaptation to different hand sizes.

The Arex Grey Wolf in detail

The richly equipped Arex Grey Wolf. In the picture without the orange-coloured magwell included in the scope of delivery.

Visual features: grey frame, grey coated slide and black controls, except for the bright orange trigger safety. This matches the magwell – unfortunately missing on the test gun. Technical features: the 127-mm long barrel protrudes a good 15 mm from the slide and has a left-hand thread onto which a protective cap is screwed. Alternatively, a mini-compensator included in the scope of delivery can be screwed on, or a silencer for this purpose. This option now provides an opportunity to report on the "other" Arex. Arex equips the Slovenian military and law enforcement. Not only with handguns: Arex also manufactures (Arex AMO) a family of training marker ammunition with matching conversion kits. Arex Tex manufactures protective clothing for military and government agencies, Arex SVC offers technically sophisticated links for machine gun belts and bullet cores for ammunition up to .50 BMG caliber. The Grey Wolf, which can also be used for sporting purposes, wears an LPA micrometer rear sight on an additional adapter plate. The more prominent magazine release button makes it easier for sports shooters to change the magazine. The spare fiber optic insert for the front sight shows just how far-sighted the sporting side of things is: if the compensator is used for prolonged shooting, the fibre optic insert fogs up. The replacement demonstrates practicality.

The Arex Delta X OR. Here with a Burris Fastfire 4 on the optic plate.

The Arex Delta X OR in detail

With a barrel length of four inches (102 mm) and a capacity of 17 to 19 cartridges depending on the magazine length, the X models of the AREX Delta line have the size of classic service pistols. The rear sight is dovetailed in behind the adapter plate and, like the front sight which is also dovetailed, has fine serrations. The sights are not high enough to double as emergency sights in case a mounted red dot sight gives up the ghost. If you want to prevent this from happening, you should think about changing the battery regularly or order the appropriate, extra-high sight set from the Arex accessories range.

The AREX Delta M OR in detail

In a nutshell: like the X, but with a significantly shorter grip. The magazine with a flush base pad, i.e. a capacity of 15 cartridges, gives the gun a height of around 125 mm. The included magazine with extended base pad, which increases the capacity to 17 rounds, requires about one centimetre more. The price of the "short" model, shown in the centre right of the lead picture, is slightly lower than that of the X models, at 653 euros (RRP). The shortened grip of the M version should suit users with the intention of concealed carry. However, the limits of the modular magazine concept become apparent when the M version is brought to a 17-round capacity by means of an extended base pad and then corresponds exactly to the height of the X models with a flush 17-round magazine. Although the M models also hold the 19-round magazines, they thwart the purpose of this concept.

It makes sense to try it out: thanks to the different magazine lengths and base pads included, the desired length on the grip of the Arex Delta is quickly achieved.

The Arex Delta L OR in detail

L as long. Or slightly longer. The Slovenian designers have added around one centimeter to the barrel, slide and dust cover of the L version from the Delta family. This results in a barrel length of four and a half inches, or 114 mm, making the gun slightly longer than the X and M versions, but not quite as long as the Greywolf... The increase in length is reflected in the non-binding recommended retail price of 707 euros for the L model.

On the shooting range with the Arex Deltas

And that's why the AREX Grey Wolf comes with a replacement fiber optic insert. Anyone who shoots a lot with a compensator will need it at some point.

First and foremost, the homogeneity of the triggers on the test guns was impressive. pull weight, wall, pre- and over travel always appear to be one and the same gun. This sounds obvious, but does not always correspond to the perceived reality when trying out different models from one manufacturer's pistol family. If the grip is adapted to the respective hand size, there are hardly any differences in shooting behaviour. With one exception, the Grey Wolf. Even a mini-compensator works if the cartridge contains as much propellant as possible. Like the Magtech 9D load, which is known for its lightning-fast and powerful performance, more precisely a 9mm Luger with a bullet weighing just 95 grains (6.156 g). Compared to the Delta L, the crisp impulse was much more perceptible with this one. In contrast, the difference in perception tended towards zero when firing the subsonic cartridge loaded with a 147-grain (9.52 g) bullet. Both the Grey Wolf and the Delta L only flipped briefly with barely perceptible muzzle flash – done, nothing more. The situation was similar between the M and X versions. The relatively subtle differences in barrel and slide length were hardly noticeable with most of the test cartridges. Once again, however, it was noticeable how much more accurate shot placement is with red dot sights compared to open sights. The top results of the Grey Wolf, fired at 25 instead of 15 metees, are due to the flawless trigger characteristics and the significantly lower trigger pull. Malfunctions or anomalies: None!

Arex Delta 2nd generation specs and prices

Model:Arex Grey WolfArex Delta X OR
Caliber:9mm Luger9mm Luger
Capacity:17 / 19+1 rounds17 / 19+1 rounds
Dimensions (L x W x H):220x28x150 mm*180x28x140 mm**
Barrel Length:5"/127 mm
4"/102 mm
Sight Radius:162 mm153 mm
Rear Sight Notch: 3.0 mm 3.0 mm
Front Sight Width: 3.0 mm 3.0 mm
Trigger Pull Weight:1,800 g approx. 2,800 g approx.
Weight:725 g*605 g**
Price (RRP):1,229 euro
663 euro
Equipment:An orange-coloured magwell. One 19-round spare magazine. OR including six adapter plates, one with LPA micrometer rear sight, screws and nuts. Red front sight with fiber optic insert. One spare fiber optic rod for the front sight. Mini compensator, four interchangeable backstraps, high-quality cleaning kit, tools, plastic case. *With 19-round magazine.One 17-round and one 19-round magazine. OR, five adapter plates, various screws and nuts. Four interchangeable backstraps, high-quality cleaning kit, tools, plastic case. **With 17-round magazine

Conclusion on the 2nd generation AREX Delta polymer gun models

A clear buy recommendation for everyone. For once, it combines above-average safety features and lavish equipment with high-quality workmanship at low prices.

Further information can be found on the Arex website.

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