Arex Defense factory tour: from Slovenia with love!

Slovenia is known worldwide for its beautiful landscapes and quality of life. A pearl between Mediterranean and continental Europe, inhabited by good, serious and hard-working people, who from their love for work have been able to achieve great results in many fields, starting with sports – basketball and volleyball in particular – even if they can count on a “catchment area” of just two million inhabitants.

For years, however, a strong as well as intelligent industrial policy has also been developing, which in the field of mechanics and technology has been able to make great strides. 

The Delta Gen. 2 pistol is a double-action striker-fired pistol. Its  modular design enables you to customize the firearm to your needs and preferences.

Among the many companies, one that now shines like a star for its astounding achievements is for sure Arex Defense. From the first Arex it is a 25-year long history, and the company is capable today of imposing itself worldwide with innovative products of the highest quality, from the historic Zero 1 and Delta Gen. 2 pistols, to the more recent Delta Gen. 2 Tactical and Alpha models, made possible by equally innovative and cutting-edge production methods, all relying on exclusive in-house resources.

Andrea Aromatico, during our visit at the Arex headquarter in Slovenia

Indeed, it is from the precision machine tool sector that Arex Defense's experience comes, guaranteeing a quality of finished products etched in its DNA, whose evolution towards the defense and sport firearms segments has been a natural process fostered by first-rate cooperation and top-level orders. All factors that, thanks to a young and first-rate staff together with the experience gained, today set it as one of the most interesting realities in the market ever, with products characterized by two key factors in particular: originality and quality. All at the highest level.

Bringing you inside all of this has been a pleasure for us, as well as an honor.

Greeted with absolute courtesy and professionalism by our friend Niels, our tour was all about discovering just what makes Arex Defense truly a unique company: both as 100% in-house manufacturer and as a subcontractor for major international brands. 

Arex Defense, the all-in-house philosophy

The term “all-in-house” refers to a precise idea of business philosophy aimed at fully eliminate the use of outside suppliers for every aspect of production – from the machinery used to anything else.

It is a dream for many, since it requires enormous upstream investment and in-house know-how capable of managing every aspect of the entire production cycle, from the concept/idea to the making of each component up to the finished product. But a dream that if become true as in Arex Defense, is capable of guaranteeing total control, and therefore total quality, over every aspect of production. With the guarantee of giving life to perfect products in terms of efficiency, quality and finish, all with a very short chain that eliminates production downtime and guarantees full reliability of delivery times.

Here in Arex Defense all this is reality, and starting from the very machines with which the products are made, entirely designed and conceived in-house, down to the smallest tool!

It was logical for those who have been making production lines globally for years, working with almost all the major European and world brands especially in the ammo sector; and it was logical that it was from this aspect that our factory tour started. 

Arex Defense organization

The 9mm Arex REX Zero1 semi-automatic pistol was introduced in 2014 as  a conventional yet modern and sturdy alternative for service and defense use.

The entire company is organized as a solar system, with the design and innovation department at its center. Around it, like satellites (though capable of shining with their own light), the various departments.

The first from the entrance could only be the one dedicated to the in-house manufacturing and maintenance of all the tools necessary for the production of each individual part.

Then, in a logical sequence come all the other subdivisions based on products and material, with a further subdivision based on Arex Defense brand products, and then those made as subcontractors for other prestigious international brands. had the chance to test some of the latest pistols of Arex Defense

On the design and product – all of them! – concepts level, as well as the quality standards of the finished products, the military collaboration backgrounds are immediately clear.

Nothing is left to chance, everything is designed according to specific requirements, and to pass brilliantly the extremely tough tests of SWAT teams, special corps and elite forces, such as the German Marine Infantry.

All this was shown to us department by department, detail by detail, and we were able to follow where the various products come to life in terms of ideas and problem solving; where and how they are made piece by piece, with painstaking care; where and how they are assembled and evaluated by quality control. All the way to finally being able to test them in the Arex Defense's in-house shooting ranges: these too are really well made, perfectly organized and able to run extreme tests safely.

As they say, we have talked too much, it's time for us to give way to pictures and video!

Welcome to Slovenia: welcome to Arex Defense! Let the new chapter begin...

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