Single Turn II-Ballistic: a new riflescope turret by Schmidt & Bender

The Single Turn II-Ballistic (ST II-B) elevation turret by Schmidt & Bender is the extended version of the Single Turn II (ST II) turret. By means of 6 clearly visible position indicators (1-6) the shooter can stay on the target at varying distances.

Another great advantage of the ST II-B is the interchangeability of the turret cap bearing the white position indicators. This makes it much easier for the user to alternately use different types of ammunition or deal with other influencing factors on the gun (silencers, add-ons, interchangeable barrels, etc.). 

Schmidt & Bender: Single Turn II-Ballistic turret for maximum riflescope flexibility

The highlight of the Single Turn II-Ballistic: the position indicators can be individually adjusted to any distance. They can be flexibly moved to the desired position on the outside of the turret and then fixed exactly.

The quantity of position indicators used can be freely selected: additional position indicators can be purchased and added at any time. The Single Turn II-Ballistic is equipped with a mode lever that prevents unintentional adjustment. A visual indicator shows the position of the mode lever: If the indicator is red, the turret is locked. The color green indicates that the tower is unlocked.

On the outside of the turret of the Single Turn II-Ballistic by Schmidt & Bender there is room for six white position indicators that can be moved freely. The color green in the indicator shows that the shooter can move the turret. Red means that the turret is locked: ready to shoot.

Our first impression of the new ST II-B turret

At the SHOT Show 2020 in Las Vegas, we were able to personally familiarize ourselves with the turret and shoot at different ranges at the Industry Day at the Range. The new fast turret was indeed easy to use, the hits were where they should be. Suitable for sport shooting, but also for hunting (here in a different range), the Single Turn II-Ballistic is certainly a good option, which increases the shot accuracy. Currently, the ST II-B fast elevation turret is available for the 3-21x50 Exos and for a wide range of PM II series riflescopes, which can also be factory upgraded.

The complete turret will cost 299 euro, the "replacement turret cap" with 6-position indicators will cost 180 euro, and the Schmidt & Bender 3-21x50 Exos with STII-B will cost 3299 euro.

More information about the new ST II-B fast reticle adjustment system and compatible riflescopes can be found on the Schmidt & Bender website.

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