Schmidt & Bender new accessories for tactical scopes

Schmidt & Bender, the famous  optic company from Germany, has three announcements for the SHOTSHow 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

First they will release the newly designed LRR-Mil milliradian-based intelligent reticle. This reticle will be offered as a first focal plane reticle design in the following four PM II models: 3-20x50 Ultra Short, 5-25x56, 3-27x56 High Power, and 5-45x56 High Power. 

The reticle LRR-Mil for PM-II scopes by Schmidt & Bender

The LRR-Mil is the result of consultation from many respected and proven operators from tactical communities in several countries. The purpose behind the design was to offer an updated, non-cluttered, easy to reference, and more intel­ligent mil-based reticle with proper aiming and ranging capabilities. 

The reticle contains three major components in its architecture: the main reticle, the power identification indicator, and the meter and half-meter ranging scale. This is an illuminated reticle, and the center dot and center cross are the only portions of the reticle that illuminate. 

PM II riflescope from Schmidt & Bender
Schmidt & Bender presented a new reticle for the PM-II scope at the SHOT Show 2017: the LRR-Mil

The main reticle incorporates three reference lines from the edge of the field of view at 3, 6, and 9 o’clock positions, which allows for quick and easy centering of the target. The horizontal lines, from 3 and 9 o’clock positions, are represented as solid bold conical-shaped line reticles from the edge of the field of view to the 5.0 mil marks, which greatly aids in fast target acquisition in low light or when challenged with shadowed backgrounds. The vertical legs are represented as a single line reticle. 

The upper vertical leg of the reticle extends above center, towards 12 o’clock, for 3 mils of value, in 0.1 mil increments. The mils are numbered and clearly marked, for easy reference, in even numbers, from 2 – 10 mils, on the horizontal leg and on the lower vertical leg. In addition to this, the 20 and 30 mil marks are also indicated in numerical fashion, with indicators at 15 and 25 mil marks. 

The center aiming point is an ultra-fine dot covering just 0.16 cm at 1.000 meters, which allows for precise shot placement. It is just the size of a penny in one kilometer! There will be much more information about this new reticle, which is scheduled for initial release in May/June 2017, but there are also more news about Schmidt & Bender.

New magnification throw lever for tactical scopes by Schmidt & Bender

Zoom adjustment lever for the PM II target scope by Schmidt & Bender
The removable magnification throw lever for the zoom adjustment for tactical scopes from Schmidt & Bender

Also new for 2017, Schmidt & Bender will release the proprietary version of a removable magnification throw lever designed to fit several of the popular PM II models of riflescopes

The removeable magnification throw lever allows fast access and manipulation of the power/magnification adjustment – even with gloved hands. Currently these models include the 1-8x24 ShortDot CC, 1-8x24 Short Dot Dual CC, 3-20x50 Ultra Short, 3-20x50, and 3-27x57 High Power. 

This is a machined aluminum design, and the construction is robust and clean. It consists of the main body, representing the center section, and hinged clamping plates on both the left and right side of the main body. The finish is hard anodized and is satin black in color. This matches the black finish on the Schmidt & Bender riflescopes. 

Due to the design of the throw lever, and the design of the specific models of the riflescope’s magnification ring, the operator can select the appropriate location to install the throw lever where it best suits their intended application and needs. The installation is not limited to one fixed position. The release of Schmidt & Bender’s latest accessory is schedule for May 2017. 

Mulit-Turn II turret adjustment for tactical scopes by Schmidt & Bender

Reticle adjustment for tactical scopes of Schmidt & Bender
The new Multi-Turn II reticle adjustment for tactical scopes Schmidt & Bender

But that´s not all on the SHOTShow 2017. Schmidt & Bender is also offering an advanced version of the Multi-Turn turret adjustment referred to as the Multi-Turn II. The original Multi-Turn elevation adjustment is offered in only a few models of riflescopes as a target style adjustment.

Schmidt & Bender’s engineering team designed the advanced Multi-Turn II turret adjustment to achieve a highly functional, repeatable, lockable, and intelligent elevation adjustment for tactical use. It is a highly specialized turret adjustment with additional features designed into it. 

The new Multi-Turn II serves as a rotational indicator, via a window atop the adjustment, clearly indicating rotation status in numerical values from 1 – 5. In addition to the visual indicator, the new design also provides a tactile indicator for each rotation of the turret. The Multi-Turn II adjustment also has a sub-Zero Stop setting. 

PM-II target range of Schmidt & Bender at the shooting range
Schmidt & Bender target telescopes are in the tactical area with the military and police as well as with long-range shooters high in the course.

In addition to this, it also incorporates a three-way multi-functional lever that allows the operator to determine how they want their clicks to “feel” and if they want to lock the turret. The lever is located on the barrel side of the elevation adjust­ment, and operates within three positional settings. With the lever pointing towards the barrel’s muzzle, the adjustment is in the “locked” position. With the lever rotated one position counter-clockwise, the adjust­ment is unlocked and allows for the More Tactile Click (MTC) feature. With the lever rotated to the final position, counter-clockwise, the adjustment is unlocked and bypasses the MTC feature. 

The new Multi-Turn II will be available for the 3-20x50 PM I Ultra Short and 3-27x56 PM II High Power models, with 393 centimeters (39.3 Mils) adjustment value. It will also be available for the 5-25x56 PM II and 5-45x56 PM II High Power models with 270 centimeters (27.0 Mils) adjustment value. Furthermore, the new design offers click values in 0.5 centimeter (0.050 Mil), allowing for finer zeroing and greater precision for long-range shooting.

Tactical target scopes PM II by Schmidt & Bender with new accessories
The new accessories for the PM-II models from Schmidt & Bender offer the tactical target teles still further possibilities and a facilitated operation.

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