Schmidt & Bender PM II 3-20x50 LP Double Turn, a great German riflescope

Front lens of the Schmidt & Bender PM II 3-20x50 LP Double Turn riflescope
Schmidt & Bender's PM II 3-20x50 LP offers some of the industry's best optical performance levels

Despite being around ever since the year 2012, the PM II ("Police Marksman II") line of riflescope manufactured by Schmidt & Bender still represents one of the best product lines that the German company has to offer, and one of the world's best outright.

More specifically, the 3-20x50mm LP model − given its vast adjustment range − is one of the most popular in the field of top-level riflescopes among civilian shooters and professional operators alike. It's worth pointing out that the Schmidt & Bender 3-12×50 PM II riflescope is also the riflescope used by the United State Marine Corps snipers, and the 3-12x50 LP is one of its civilian, Police and export variants.

Technical features

A commercial CR2032 seated in the brightness adjustment dial of the Schmidt & Bender PM II 3-20x50 LP Double Turn riflescope
The illuminated reticle of the Schmidt & Bender PM II 3-20x50 LP riflescope is powered by a commercial CR2032 battery

The fully multicoated, 50mm front lens and the 57mm objective, the 11.4mm maximum exit pupil diameter and the 90mm maximal eye relief provide for high visibility and an extremely wide field of view − ranging between a minimum of 2,1 metres at 100m to a maximum of 13 metres at 100m.

The light transmission level, exceeding 90%, the parallax adjustment range going from 25 metres to infinite, the 10.1-31.6 twilight factor and the +2/-3dpt diopter range just add up to the exceptional level of product quality of the Schmidt & Bender PM II 3-20x50 LP riflescope.

The turrets of the Schmidt & Bender PM II 3-20x50 LP Double Turn riflescope
The Double Turn turrets provide fine click adjustments and a longer elevation adjustment range

The Schmidt & Bender 3-20x50 PM II riflescope is offered in forty-four different configurations overall. 

So to speak: there are nine reticle options available, seated on the first or second focal plane upon request; the illuminated options are all powered through a commercial CR2032 battery hosted in the illumination adjustment dial, and all finely tuned to the correct intensity on a broad range of options: from NV devices use to low-light shooting to full brightness.

The hard-anodized black machined aluminum tube is series waterproof and dry-nitrogen filled with dry nitrogen to prevent dew accumulation at low temperatures. 

All features have been rigorously tested and all tests confirm the quality and robust design of the scopes: the MIL-STD-810 G Method 512 tests showed that no damage has been sustained to the riflescope even if it has been submerged 25 meters under water in the sea for 10 hours.

Mounting base under a Schmidt & Bender PM II 3-20x50 LP Double Turn riflescope
The mounting base of the Schmidt & Bender PM II 3-20x50 LP Double Turn riflescope will withstand the shocks of some of the world's highest long-range rifle calibers

Thanks to their sturdy mounting base, the Schmidt & Bender PM II 3-20x50 LP riflescopes can be reliably and safely installed on rifles chambered for some of the most powerful rifle calibers, such as 12,7x99mm/.50 BMG − allowing their use in extreme long-range shooting situations, well over 1000 meters.

The Double turn elevation turret provides a fine click adjustment value in addition to a large elevation adjustment. When the turret is rotated into the second revolution a small cylinder pops up on top of the turret which indicates to the user that the second turret revolution has been reached. 

The 01.mrad (1cm at 100 metres) or ¼ MOA (7mm at 100 metres) clicks are extremely accurate and sharp − truly a desirable feature in long-range shooting applications.

The Schmidt & Bender PM II 3-20x50 LP long-range riflescope with Double Turn turrets is already available on the market; for information about local availability and pricing, prospective buyers should refer to their closest authorized Schmidt & Bender dealer.

Partial top view of a Schmidt & Bender PM II 3-20x50 LP Double Turn riflescope
The PM II 3-20x50 LP riflescope is still today one of the best riflescopes offered by the German-based Schmidt & Bender company to sport shooters and professional operators alike

For further information, visit the Schmidt & Bender website

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