Cold Steel Templar throwing tool, sticking potential

The world of blades is very diverse and wide, ranging from hunting knives to military weapons and including swords, axes, ceremonial objects and working tools: different shapes, sizes, grips, materials, finishes, etc. for different uses. Some blades, anyway, are so specialized that they need a chapter of their own: among them, the throwing blade. Despite their intimidating reputation and what some movies show, in the modern real world such tools are actually used only in sport. Being so specialized, they need a very particular shape and balance to be used effectively and are usually made from a single piece of steel including both the “blade” and the “handle”. 

Cold Steel Templar throwing tool features

And here come the Cold Steel Templar. Designed by custom bladesmith Dave Baker, the Templar is a specialized throwing tool made for modern sport or competition throwers. According to the manufacturer, the Templar “is inspired by an ancient historical throwing axe known as a Hurlbat and is made of one solid piece of tough spring tempered carbon steel."

“The Templar is fun to throw and easy to use. When it comes to 'sticking' potential, it's the next best thing to a shuriken or throwing star, landing with a satisfying 'thunk' over and over again!” they add. The video below shows its use:

Cold Steel Templar throwing tool in use

Basing on our personal experience, and assuming you don't just want to have “fun” in the sense of comical results, we are not so sure that using this tool is so “easy”. In any case, the Templar design is well thought off: made of 1050 Carbon steel, it features an axe-style head, top and back spikes and a tapered spiked handle, with a head-heavy balance. This means that it is capable of being thrown even over extended distances. Weight is 15.8 oz, with a blade thickness of 5 mm. Whether you are an expert knife thrower or you want to try your hand with a fascinating tool, the Templar can be yours for $35.99.