Cold Steel Dragonfly Wakizashi sword

Many of the Japanese sword replicas on the market today reproduce feudal period blades, which were tailor-made for small-sized warriors about 1.5 meters (5 ft.) high. Therefore, they are usually not very suitable for modern people, on average much taller and more robust. That’s why Cold Steel decided to propose a line of swords called "Dragonfly", characterized by larger blades and handles

Girl holding the Dragonfly Wakizashi sword by Cold Steel 
The Cold Steel "Dragonfly" Wakizashi features a 1060 carbon steel, 22" (55 cm) long blade. 

The Dragonfly line consists of a Katana with a 29.5" (74 cm) blade, a Wakizashi (short sword) with a 22" (55 cm) blade and a Tanto (knife) with a 15,2" (38 cm) blade. The maximum blade thickness is 8 millimeters. While maintaining the typical handling of the Japanese swords, the blades that make up the Dragonfly series are more suitable to be used by more "European build" athletes.

The Samurai never carried a single sword, and besides the Katana they always carried a Wakizashi, a combination of blades called "Daisho". Sometimes the Daisho could consist of a Tachi (long sword) and a Tanto.

The Cold Steel Dragonfly Wakizashi has a leather grip with green silk wrapping, while the sheath is made of lacquered wood. The blued tsuba (guard) is carved to represent a dragonfly. The Dragonfly Wakizashi is sold with two cases: a cotton cloth for transport and another in brocade, for display. It is an object intended for both the collector and those who practice the study of the traditional Japanese sword.

The price of the Cold Steel Dragonfly Wakizashi is about 650 US dollars (547 euro, plus taxes).

For more information ,please visit the Cold Steel website.