all4shooters at Tankfest 2019 in Bovington, England - with exclusive action video of tanks! Here you can also find coupon codes for the World of Tanks online game

The attraction in Bovington 2019: the Panther V tank

all4shooters at Tankfest 2019 in Bovington, England - with exclusive action video of tanks!
The Panther from France in action.

The main attraction in 2019 at the legendary tank festival in Bovington (28-30 June) was clearly the Panther “Bretagne”. For a long time all remained silent around it, until enthusiasts from Saumur and Wargaming put all levers in motion, so that the Panther could finally make its roar herd in southern England. It was the first time in history that a Panzerkampfwagen Panther drove in England under its own power. This special Panzerkampfwagen V is one of those cats of prey that the French requisitioned, put back into combat and used against the Wehrmacht. Hence the additional name “Bretagne”. This panther normally belongs in the French Musée des Blindés in Saumur, but Wargaming set all levers in motion and financed the transport to the tank museum. By the way, it’s one of only 3 originals in the world that are ready to drive.  

Jagdpanther, Sturmgeschütz III and Ha-Go tanks

all4shooters at Tankfest 2019 in Bovington, England - with exclusive action video of tanks!
The Sherman from the movie "Fury" starring Brad Pitt.

But also other guests elicited applause from the spectators. The Weald Foundation sent a Jagdpanther to the tank festival, a Sherman Firefly rattled from the Royal Belgian Military Museum to southern England, while the two T34s of the private collector John Sanderson only travelled the distance from Devon to Bovington (144 kilometres). A Sturmgeschütz III by Jon Philips, a Leopard PRTL (the Dutch version of the the German Army Gepard) from the historical collection of the Dutch Army, the only running example of a Valentine DD and a Centurion completed the guest list - almost. Hardly noticed by many, a Japanese Ha-Go also appeared. Considered an intermediate between light and medium tanks, this special Type 95 was one of only two survivors of the war.

Evacuation of the Tank Festival 2019 - what happened?

all4shooters at Tankfest 2019 in Bovington, England - with exclusive action video of tanks!
Fire and flame: a gas bottle burns at the Tankfest 2019.

A little restlessness arose when a hectic rush broke out on Saturday evening. A gas bottle from one of the snack stands at Tank Festival 2019 had caught fire and a long tongue of flame destroyed the rest of the stand. So all people off the premises, but it was very quiet and civilized. It was anyway already shortly after 5pm local time and the first day was as good as over. But there was still the opportunity to talk to Victor Kislyi, the CEO of Wargaming. Hits like "World of Tanks" made him a multiple millionaire, so the question arose: why do they take the trouble to restore tanks, donate money to museums instead of making a profit or driving big advertising campaigns? The answer was simple because the man has a passion for tanks - his favorite is the German Maus, by the way. When the all-clear came, a surprise was added: a visit inside the Panther! Everyone already crossed their fingers that the cat held out. Instead of the announced 4x on this day, the tank sneaked through the arena only once. The misfires caused many a connoisseur to freeze their blood in their veins. Then it went on with the veterans of the Second World War, and in the lead. The entrance went well, the engine hummed in the rear, everything smelled of oil and other flavors. Just a great feeling to sit in such a machine.

all4shooters at Tankfest 2019 in Bovington, England - with exclusive action video of tanks!
Who's peeping out from that British tank?
all4shooters at Tankfest 2019 in Bovington, England - with exclusive action video of tanks!
A Type 95 Ha-Go from the Far East in Bovington.

Video: Battle simulation at the Tank festival 2019 - have fun with the "tank fight in South England".

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Find out more about the Tank Festival and the Bovington Tank Museum on the museum's homepage.

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