British Shooting Show 2023, our report from UK's largest trade and retail event – With videos

British Shooting Show 2023, one of the best and most attended events for the British hunting and shooting community: people from all over the country coming over for one, two or sometimes all three days to walk around and explore new offers from 213 exhibitors. At the British Shooting Show people have a chance to try first hand the kit they were thinking to buy and ask manufacturers directly pressing questions. But mostly it’s about socialising. Huge numbers of like-minded people under one roof, lifelong friends, new connections and Facebook or Instagram followers finally can meet and shake hands, discuss hunting and shooting gear, provide device and offer a solution.

World-known gun manufacturers, clothing brands, optics manufacturers, knife makers, deer stalkers and managers, practical shooters, airgunners and pest controllers: we all were there – and we all loved it. Discover all the brands, new products and highlights in our videos!

Form Rifle Stocks 

Peter from Form Rifle Stocks Ltd. talking us through some of the products they have on stand at British Shooting Show 2023: a large variety of air rifle stocks, FAC rifles and pistol grips with matching cheek pieces were presented to public during the show. Spring-loaded air rifle stocks also have a place in the Form's selection. Form Rifle Stocks can manufacture stocks for most brands and happily accepts individual orders.

Fierce Firearms

Fierce Firearms makes very accurate, lightweight high-end hunting rifles with titanium action (based on Sako 85), carbon fiber stock and carbon-wrapped barrel. Fierce is one of the few rifle manufacturers who guarantees 0.5 MOA accuracy out-of-the-box and offers a variety of calibers to choose from.

Cadex Defence

Ryan from Highland Outdoors presents the new CDX-SS Seven S.T.A.R.S. Pro rifle from Cadex Defence. CDX-SS Seven S.T.A.R.S. Pro rifle comes in large variety of calibers from .223 up to 6.5x47 and can satisfy most shooters/hunters. The rifle also comes with Cadex own adjustable trigger featuring a unique single AND double stage trigger. The very robust adjustable folding chassis also has an adjustable pistol grip. A great tactical looking rifle with a huge range of additional capabilities and design options.


Here we are at InfiRay stand with Highland Outdoors looking at three items of their extended product line. Looking at the best sellers that appeal to British public and new models that were just introduced. Some exceptional kit offered to local hunters/pest controllers in all price segments.

Christensen Arms

Here at Christensen Arms with Highlands Outdoors we are looking at two newcomers from this company, both featuring exceptional accuracy, durability and design. Taken to the account preferences of the real-time hunters, built by hunters for hunters. With cutting edge technologies and professional approach to the costumer requirements, Christensen Arms offers a great selection to choose from.


At Highlands Outdoors's stand we are exploring the great opportunity offered by AimCam: shooting goggles with built in 4K capable camera that records your shooting/hunting experience in great detail. The footage can be used for sharing the memories of great hunting season on for analyzing your shooting performances and help you improve from your mistakes. 

Webley & Scott

Craig from Highland Outdoors gives a quick all-round on new Webley & Scott shotguns: the Pro Comp entry level over/under game gun in two models for keen, practical shooters.  All the guns follow a lifetime-long shooting/hunting heritage and provide best quality for the end user with great design and precision build. 

Night Pearl 

Rob Collins at Nigh Pearl stand shows off some seasoned items and new additions to Night Pearl line. Nigh Pearl offers UK shooters, pest controllers and deer managers a great deal of models to choose from – and all at very competitive prices. Night Pearl also resonantly lunched daytime optics line that defiantly worth consider if you are on the hunt for a new optics. Now there is great selection of products, from budget handheld thermal imaging monoculars, daytime scopes, to high-end thermal rifle scopes.


At Edgar Brothers, a quick look at HQS sound moderators. Reasonably new to UK market, HQS offers a great range of sound moderators for all available calibers as well as for magnum calibers. To improve the lifespan of the product, HQS nickel plated internal parts of the sound moderators, which also makes them a lot easier to maintain and look after.


Sam explains the best futures of new and limited edition M-Sport and Z-Sport shotguns models from Zoli. As always, Zoli delivered on quality and amazing design, but also a great selection of stocks to choose from. Zoli M-Sport  with matte black action was design for every day hunters and was officially launched at this British Shooting Show 2023. Zoli Z-Sport comes with great detailing and 10 years warranty – ultimately becoming a shotgun for life.


Schmeisser presents the SP-9 straight-pull rifle in 9mm and the LMR in .223 caliber. The SP-9 comes with a 10 round magazine as a standard but a 27-round magazine can be purchased if you require high-capacity (higher capacity magazines are available too). The LMR model is one of the most popular rifles amomg civilian rifle shooters in the UK. It comes with two 10-round magazines, one of which is cleverly placed in the stock. This model also comes with different barrel lengths, so everyone can find his perfect rifle.


Yildiz Pro model and SPZ ME shotguns have both adjustable and non-adjustable stock, full set of chokes and 14 ⅝ stock as a standard, which makes it ideal for professional clay shooters like Emma here, who is an Olympic Skeet shooter. Yildiz SPZ ME and SPZ M are available in different gauges and can be purchased with different stock lengths to suit junior shooters.

Air Arms

At Air Arms stand we have a quick look over a new developing, the XTi 50. The XTi 50 comes in two specifications, one is a hunter/target model and one comes in purely target design. Both rifles have wind indicators and at the moment there is a very limited number of them actually in use… Air Arms is planning to produce only 30 XTi 50s per month, with waiting list continuously growing.

Air Ams presenting the Airgun of the Year 2023: S510T 

The good old reliable action from S510 model is a base for the S510T model. S510T has a 6-position adjustable stock, pistol grip, dropdown biathlon liver, with machined-in Picatinny rail and a tactical chassis suitable for any gadget you might think to put on it.


Lee at AirMaks stand shows a selection of new AirMaks products that comes in all shapes and sizes, with folding stock and some have a shot count up to 180 shots per single charge. Hawke scope and Spartan shooting support adaptors can be installed on order.

Weatherby  Mark V Backcountry Titanium Carbon

The Weatherby Mark V Backcountry Titanium Carbon is a premium titanium action rifle with 54-degree bolt throw (the shortest bolt throw on the market), with carbon-sleeved BSF barrel. The Mark V comes in few different variations with various specifications that will fit most budgets.

Tom’s Targets

From Tom’s Targets, the new Hardox 500 targets and target stands. Following customers feedback Tom's Targets design the frame and target stands from the same Hardox material to ensure longer and less time consuming shooting experience. Tom's Targets as always have a huge selection of patterns to choose from and the quality of their product is constantly improving based on the close relation with costumers.

Weatherby MeatEater Vanguard

The Weatherby MeatEater Vanguard rifle has a linear fluted bolt, cerakoted action, spiral fluted barrel with muzzle thread for sound moderators. It comes with sub-MOA guarantee and Weatherby own designed stock. The MeatEater model comes in various cerakoted colors and calibers. With a great price tag, it's a very popular rifle in UK market and some of the keenest hunters/deer managers choose this rifle for their day-to-day duties.

Katie Hargreaves 

British animalist/wildlife artist Katie Hargreaves is very well known in hunting society for her  extraordinary work. Katie's drawings are hugely popular not just among the hunting community, but also the farming industry – and to be honest, with anyone who has a soft spot for wildlife and animals. Katie is a vegan for ethical reasons, but this doesn’t stop her to be involved in deer management. She can clearly see a need for deer control and fully supports a sustainable deer management practice and pest control.