The year before the 50th anniversary of the IWA, the #IWAcampfire is now making a stop at two more events

+++ Update August 8, 2023 +++

On July 29 and 30, the #IWAcampfire made a stop at Camp Hohenhorn. The camp specialized in particular in advanced training in the use of hunting firearms. It offered participants opportunities for a variety of experiences. This allowed the IWA Campfire to gain a deeper understanding of hunting and open up new perspectives.

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Focus at Camp Hohenhorn: advanced training in the use of hunting firearms. In the middle of it all: the IWA Campfire.

Upon arrival, Camp Hohenhorn offered its participants a harmonious mix of tradition and modernity. The hunters in attendance were able to refine accuracy and techniques at the shooting range, using both their own firearms and those of the experienced instructors. In addition, various experimental setups, including bullet velocity measurement, provided insights into the intricacies of shooting. In the handling of handguns in particular, it became clear, as reported by IWA Campfire, that even experienced hunters could benefit considerably from such training. Despite training with handguns, many hunters lack practice.

However, the camp weekend did not only include intensive shooting exercises and training. It was also characterized by a familiar and cordial atmosphere. Lively conversations took place around the campfire, where tips and experiences were exchanged. This helped to build a strong community and strengthen the bond within the hunting community. The openness and helpfulness of the participants made everyone feel welcome and supported, according to impressions of the IWA Campfire.

IWA Campfire at Camp Hohenhorn: can such events positively influence the image of hunting?

Camp Hohenhorn - 1 - 1
Camp Hohenhorn 2023. The #IWAcampfire was also there. We sum up the event.

Given the "mixed image" of hunting in the broader society, the question is whether events like Camp Hohenhorn can help improve that image by promoting an open approach to hunting. In fact, these events can play a crucial role in hunting public relations. They provide a platform to showcase the skills and professionalism of hunters, while promoting understanding and acceptance of hunting in society. Through the exchange and open communication between the participants, misunderstandings and prejudices could be reduced. The positive mood and the familiar togetherness created an atmosphere that positively influenced the public image of hunting and showed that responsible hunting makes an important contribution to nature conservation.

In summary, the IWA Campfire reports an enriching weekend at Camp Hohenhorn. The event once again highlighted the diversity of hunting and the importance of combining tradition with innovation. As part of the IWA Campfire program, organizers strived to explore hunting in all its facets and share their passion for outdoor activities with others.

On the organizer side, Camp Hohenhorn was also a full success. According to our information, an expansion of the offers and program is already planned for next year in order to reach even more visitors. In this respect, hunters and those interested in hunting should already make a note of the time at the end of July 2024.
You can find more information about this below and on the IWA website.

+++ Update July 18, 2023 +++

For the first stop, the initiators of the IWA Campfire chose the Lynx Brutality, an international shooting match in Slovenia with very special challenges.

After a few weeks break, IWA Campfire is picking up speed again. New on the schedule are Camp Hohenhorn and Airsoft Days, two events that couldn't be more different. A deliberate move? Most definitely. After the visit of the Brutality Games in Slovenia, the IWA Campfire shows its traditional side with its stop in the hunting segment, but also signals the connection to new disciplines and segments with the step towards airsoft.

Let's first look at Camp Hohenhorn. This event is a smaller hunting camp organized by private providers in cooperation with some partners. It takes place from July 29 to 30 in Hohenhorn, near Hamburg, Germany. The camp has been held annually since 2019 and is aimed at hunters. Selected brands present new products here on site in a personal setting and participants can also test many of them. Compared to similar events, such as the upcoming Geartester Festival, the event in Hohenhorn is much more familiar. So is that a deliberate decision as well? For the IWA Campfire, it's definitely an understandable one: the aim is to absorb the prevailing family atmosphere and transfer it to the digital world. If the IWA Campfire succeeds in building this bridge, then followers can look forward to a pure "Campfire" atmosphere.

In stark contrast to this, the Airsoft Days are the third stop on the schedule as part of the IWA Campfire. Compared to large airsoft matches, such as Dark Emergency, this is more of a beginner's event. But there is also a clear explanation for this choice when asked at NürnbergMesse: "An event for beginners is ideal for getting a feel for a sport. So we are not just on the sidelines, but will meet the other players on the field". Accordingly, the Airsoft Days promise plenty of action once again, and ensure that the IWA OutdoorClassics community doesn't get bored. At the Airsoft Days, players from the age of 14, accompanied by a parent or guardian, can start. If you Google the event on the Internet, you can find out more about Airsoft Days and the conditions of participation. The event will take place from August 4 to 6 at the Airsoft grounds in Mahlwinkel. +++

The IWA Campfire had its first stop at Lynx Brutality 2023, a special kind of shooting competition

The first stop of the IWA Campfire shows what is important to the initiators of the idea: they want to go where the community and partners live out their passion and fly the flag exactly there. At a top-class shooting event, the Lynx Brutality 2023, held in June 2023 by Polenar Tactical in Slovenia, the IWA OutdoorClassics team was on site to convey industry proximity, record the industry talk and do networking. 

Why #IWAcampfire? What does a trade show like IWA expect from this?

Based on the atmosphere of a campfire, IWA would like to use this journey to engage in conversation with all relevant target groups in the industry. This includes customers/exhibitors, their customers, dealers, influencers and the media. The pure business level is deliberately left behind in order to demonstrate more proximity to the entire industry – and also to benefit from these experiences for the trade fair and its orientation. Because it's all about the passion, the sport, the passion and the products. And all of this in an atmosphere that is as authentic as possible. The events selected by those responsible are based on the IWA product segments. While some events are not open to the public, others are open to anyone interested. In order to create transparency, detailed information on the respective regulations at the events will be announced in good time in advance. You will soon find all information on the other IWA appearances at We will constantly update this article and link you to the next stops of the IWA Campfire here and also on our Facebook channels: and

IWA Campfire: is this a step by IWA towards the end consumer?

In the run-up to its 50th anniversary in 2024, IWA OutdoorClassics is already flying the flag at IWA Campfire.

In its 50-year history, IWA OutdoorClassics has established itself as the leading manufacturer and trade platform for the hunting and shooting sports industry. There has always been a strong desire on the part of many end users to open up the trade show. So is IWA Campfire the first sign of the expansion of the visitor base for IWA 2024? The answer is simple and very clear: No. When asked, IWA OutdoorClassics confirmed to us that the trade show will remain a specialist trade event in the future. The IWA Campfire is intended to build a communicative bridge: when communicating the topics in communication, no distinction is made between visitors and non-visitors. Much more, as the trade fair organizer, one wants to express the passion for the topics even more clearly, get to know the industry even better and thus provide new impulses for the anniversary edition of the IWA OutdoorClassics 2024.

#FollowYourFire – Join IWA on an adventurous journey with the IWA Campfire: IWA 2024 will take place in Nuremberg, Germany, from February 29 to March 3, 2024

This is what the organizer says about it: "Through Europe and the whole world, always looking for interesting hotspots and cool events. With exciting people. Burning topics. At impressive locations. In your environment. Live, direct, together. And always on fire. That is the IWA.

On the Instagram account of IWA OutdoorClassics, we take all fans into the action. The #IWAcampfire is the perfect transition to the big anniversary edition of IWA OutdoorClassics: in 2024, the world's leading trade show will celebrate its 50th anniversary."

And of course, as always, you can find out everything you need to know about IWA 2024 here at

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