Match report: Lynx Brutality 2023 – 2-gun competition in Slovenia for connoisseurs and experts! With Arex, CZ, Brownells, the IWA and many more...

Lynx Pro Tactical Training Center: you can even find a rappelling tower there. It was of course integrated into one of the stages of the Lynx Brutality.

"Brutality" competitions are always a highlight for all shooters who like to combine practicality with fun in competition using rifles and pistols, spiced up with more than a pinch of athletic challenge. And compared to previous year, the Lynx Brutality match in Slovenia, organized by Polenar Tactical, saw a significant increase in numbers, from around 70 starters in 2022 to nearly 120 participants this year. The Lynx Brutality shooting range, the Lynx Pro Tactical Training Centre near Kocevje, about an hour's drive from the capital Ljubiljana, also has a lot to offer that makes the hearts of tactical shooting training fans beat faster, including an rappelling tower. Fast roping from the tower was also part of one of the ten elaborately designed stages. The exercises are always tactically-related and requite not only concentration and shooting skills but also strength and endurance, but the Lynx Brutality does not take itself too seriously. On the Electric Boogaloo stage you had to crawl under a wire entanglement: not barbed wire, but the stage did not have "Electric" in its name for nothing – so you had to keep your head and all other body parts down. One of the classics of the Brutality Matches is traditionally always a "Kasarda Drill", sponsored this year by the company Schmeisser under the stage name "Back Breaker". In this type of stage, shooting drills are always accompanied by kettlebells, which have to be hurled before the next shooting drill. This year, the Lynx Brutality kettlebells weighed in at up to 36 kilos – that can be a real pain in the back, literally.

Video: Lynx Brutality 2023, the stage with fast roping from the tower

Competition report: Lynx Brutality 2023 in Slovenia

Lynx Brutality 2023 Kasarda Drill: here kettlebells must be hurled.

In Lynx Brutality, you compete with rifle and pistol in one of three main divisions: (Irons, Armored and Open). Some of the most important parameters in short: Irons means iron sights only, magazine capacity is 15 rounds max for pistols and 30 rounds for the rifle. The rules for Armored Division are pleasantly lax as far as the configuration of the guns is concerned. Magazines, attachments, optics, everything's fine as long as you can move it through the entire match. In Armored, however, this also applies to the military-looking additional equipment. It also has to be carried through the grueling stages. And what kind of junk you need to have on your person and what the minimum equipment kit has to weigh is already quite precisely defined. If all this seems too strict (or too heavy), the Open Division is made for you: there are hardly any regulations and you are allowed to tinker with your equipment even during the competition – the main thing is that the guns are technically safe. In addition to the main divisions, Lynx Brutality offers a number of special categories (Sub Divisions): for example, PCC (Pistol Caliber Carbine), History Buff (historical firearms and loadout), or "Madlad", the latter for the "crazy guys" who compete with bolt-action rifles and/or revolvers. The entire stage structure and drill, however, does not take into account the peculiarities of firearms and equipment of the subdivisions; everyone should know in advance what he/she is getting into.

Videos: polymer gun range and new models from Arex Defense

Raffles and Gun Expo: featuring Arex Defense, CZ, Brownells and other brands

Lynx Brutality Gun Expo: well-known brands like Arex and Brownells were at the start. Even the IWA was on site.

Of course, there was also a lot to win, including several guns, for example from the Slovenian pistol manufacturer Arex Defense in the form of an Arex Zero 2S Tactical, from Česká Zbrojovka and from Schmeisser, as well as Meprolight optics, ammunition from Sellier & Bellot, and many useful accessories. The prizes were raffled, so that each of the more than 100 participants of the Lynx Brutality has a chance to win a nice prize,.

Speaking of donations: the fact that Lynx Brutality can take place in this magnitude and quality is, of course, thanks to the match sponsors, in addition to the already mentioned companies, also companies such as Brownells, Bul Armory, Magpul, Opticstrade, Meprolight and more. A large selection of firearms and equipment related to shooting and outdoor of these and other companies could be viewed by participants and spectators at the Gun Expo, their booths being set up directly in front of the Lynx Pro Tactical Centers shooting area.

Even the IWA organizers were on site

The popular match event is spreading far and wide: Georg Loichinger, from IWA OutdoorClassics (Nürnberg Messe) was also part of the #IWACampfire in Slovenia. This #IWACampfire was also launched with a view to the upcoming anniversary of Europe's largest gun show in 2024 and aims to pick up on the mood in the industry. In the video, Georg Loichinger describes why an event like Lynx Brutality is of great importance for IWA.

Video: #IWACampfire – That's why IWA OutdoorClassics was at Lynx Brutality 2023

Outlook and conclusion of the Lynx Brutality competition from Polenar Tactical

The chances are excellent that the Lynx Brutality will also take place next year. Therefore a small tip for all who want to participate there: try to get your entry as early as possible, as with all top competitions with a limited number of participants. Polenar Tactical itself assumed that it would only be able to issue 80 free tickets and that these would be used up after one hour online at the latest. Moreover, part of the range has a gravel floor, so make sure you have good and sturdy knee and elbow protection. And the recommendation for pistol holsters with at least Level II retention applies for a reason. Some of the exercises require shooters and equipment to shake quite a bit, and if the pistol tumbles out of the holster, it ends in a disqualification. The fact that there were only three "DQs" at Lynx Brutality 2023 speaks not only for the holsters used, but also for the level of training and performance of the participants.

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