New products and highlights at IWA 2023: trade show report from day 2 of the big gun show

Although some large German companies are not exhibiting at this year's show, the number of exhibitors has again increased significantly compared with last year. In addition, it also looks on the second day of IWA 2023 as if more trade visitors have again found their way to the halls of the event. Dealers and gunsmiths use the opportunity to place their annual orders or update and expand their range; those who have already done so in the run-up to the exhibition come to maintain existing contacts or make new ones, and then perhaps still find something for their customers. Manufacturers and wholesalers have the opportunity to fill their order books and to take a look at the many new technical developments, and here too networking is naturally on the agenda.

To make sure you don't miss any innovations, news and trends from IWA 2023, the team from all4shooters will be on site for you on all days of the trade show, reporting with text articles and in video format.

This article will be updated during the second day of the show.

VIDEO: Derya DY 9, the no-frills striker-fired pistol from Turkey

Derya is a Turkish arms company best known for its semiautomatic dynamic shooting shotguns built on an AR15-style aesthetic platform and its .22 rimfire rifles. But Derya also manufactures handguns, and at the IWA in Nuremberg it presented its version of today's most popular pistol type, namely a striker-fired semi-automatic with a polymer frame. The gun is called the Derya DY 9 and as the name suggests is chambered, at least for now, only in 9mm Para. The frame is polymer in black, gray, or olive green, with three interchangeable backstraps that allow the grip size to be adapted. As is now customary, the dust cover features a Picatinny rail for accessories. The 4140 steel slide with nitrided finish has front and rear serrations and a cocked striker visual and tactile indicator protruding from its rear end. The frame features a magazine release on both sides, while the small slide stop lever is on the left side only. The field strip takedown lever is the same as Glock and similar pistols.

The sights of the Derya DY9 consist of an adjustable rear notch with white dots and a fixed sight with a red dot. The barrel length is 98.25 millimeters (3.86”) for an overall length of 178.5 millimeters. The capacity of the double-stack magazine is 15 rounds. The weight of the Derya DY9 without a magazine is 670 grams which becomes 856 g by inserting a full magazine of standard cartridges. For the time being, and against the trend, there are no plans for an "optic ready" version of this pistol designed essentially as a service gun. Retail price is also still an to be determined, but knowing Derya's commercial policy, it will surely be affordable.

VIDEO: Fausti 75th Anniversary, over-and-under and side-by-side shotguns made in Italy since 1948

The year 2023 represents for Fausti the milestone of 75 years of activity. A history made of passion and dedication in the manufacturing of elegant over-and-under and side-by-side shotguns made to meet the demands and desires of hunters.

We have long been familiar with the features of traditional Fausti shotguns, and at IWA 2023 we were more curious this time to learn about some peculiarity or anecdote related to them that can testify to the history and evolution of this family business, that is now celebrating its 75th anniversary. At the exhibition booth in Nuremberg we were welcomed by Barbara and Giovanna, and we asked them to show us two guns that they somehow prefer within the wide range of models on display. Giovanna confessed to us that side-by-sides have always aroused in her the pleasant memory of her first hunting seasons, when still very young she followed in hunting her father Stefano Fausti, who usually carried a side-by-side with external hammers. For this, the model currently dearest to her is the Dea Upland SLX, a side-by-side with a receiver machined from solid steel bloc and old silver finish or in a color case hardened version with hand-engraved subjects. On the surfaces of the side plates we see gold- and copper-inlaid pheasants in flight.

VIDEO: Waffen Ferkinghoff, Jerry Miculeck presents the Mossberg 940 JM Pro

We already had a chance to talk about the IPSC Mossberg 940 JM Pro autoloading shotgun, developed in collaboration with U.S. shooting super champion Jerry Miculeck, but we couldn't help but return to the subject, since the stand of Waffen Ferkinghoff, the U.S. brand's distributor in Germany, featured the very shooter who has broken all records.  In the clip you can see all the most important features of this semi-automatic designed for shooting competitions in the latest version, namely the Optic Ready version that allows direct mounting of reflex sights on the receiver.

The Mossberg 940 JM Pro is a 12-gauge Magnum semi-automatic shotgun with a 76-millimeter chamber and 61-centimeter-long barrel.

The stock is polymer with adjustable LOP from 33 to 36 centimeters.

At the heart of the Mossberg 940 JM Pro is a new gas system that includes an additional element that makes it effectively self-cleaning: up to 1,500 rounds can be fired between cleaning cycles of the 940 JM Pro. All internal components have a nickel-boron surface coating that ensures maximum strength and smoothness.

From a handling point of view, the 940 JM Pro offers interesting solutions specific to IPSC shooting, such as the enlarged loading port that can be used to refill the magazine in a technique known as "Quad Load." The charging handle and bolt release button are also oversized. The interchangeable chokes are external, manufactured by world leader Brilay, while the TriComp sight system with fiber optic inserts is from HiWiz.

Having inextricably linked its name to the American-school pump-action shotgun concept, Mossberg now wants to gain as much prestige in the field of semi-automatic shotguns for IPSC shooting, a type of firearm that is certainly more sophisticated and intended for a very demanding clientele.

VIDEO: Hornady's new 7mm Precision Rifle Cartridge (PRC).

The new 7mm Precision Rifle Cartridge (PRC), which Hornady itself claims to be the “21st Century 7mm magnum”, is a highlight of Hornady's and reloading component products are announced for 2023.

The cartridge is designed to achieve high performance despite a small case. This places the Hornady 7mm PRC between the 6.5 PRC and .300 PRC, filling a previously existing gap. PRC calibers have so far been very widespread among sport shooters in the USA and UK. Compared to the 7mm Rem. Mag., the cartridge is tuned so that the heaviest bullets can be fired with the highest BC value, i.e. with the flattest trajectory possible. Firing behavior remains pleasant: a positive side effect of the 7 mm PRC smaller case is a noticeable reduction in recoil. The 7mm PRC allows the use of long, heavy bullets in actions designed for long standard cartridges (standard long action). 

VIDEO: HIKMICRO new products – Thunder 2.0 thermal clip-on and Trailcam M15

HIKMICRO has expanded its product portfolio at IWA 2023 with two genuine innovations. The first is the successor to the Thunder thermal imaging device, the Thunder 2.0, which comes with a very high thermal sensitivity (NETD) of 25mK and, depending on the model, with a sensor resolution of up to 640x512. In addition, the device comes with a high-resolution OLED display with a resolution of 1024x768 pixels. Detection range reaches up to 2,600 meters in the variant with 50-mm focal length. The device is housed in a shockproof magnesium case. 

A rechargeable removable battery provides a runtime of 10 hours. Features include recoil-activated recording (such as for recording reminders or even to simplify tracking) and a new user interface. The device comes optionally with or without reticle, as well as a scope. Variants with 19 mm, 35 mm and 50 mm focal lengths are also available. The device should be available to customers at the end of June.

VIDEO: New Viper Basic knife line designed by Tommaso Rumici

As always, IWA is an important showcase for Italian knives, which enjoy a great reputation abroad. At the Tecnocut/Viper booth in Maniago we had the pleasure of meeting Tommaso Rumici, a man our readers have come to know over the years. For those just joining us, we remind you that Tommaso Rumici is a young designer of international standing, who in his career has already designed knives for major companies such as Fox, Oberland Arms, Fantoni, MKM and many others. At the Nuremberg fair, he gave us a preview of the new line of knives, the Basic fixed blade series that will be produced by Viper. The three models in the series are called Basic 1, Basic 2 and Basic 3, respectively, and are distinguished by the blade profile, which is drop point, sheepsfoot and spear point, respectively. But we won't add anything more and leave the floor to Tommaso Rumici, who explains in detail his new creations. Enjoy the video!

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