From Hornady, new products for 2020: Handgun Hunter line, new subsonic bullets, reloading tools and much more...

For example, the recently inroduced . 300 Precision Rifle Cartridge for long-range rifles won the NRA's Ballistic magazine Best Editors Choice award for Best New Caliber. Hornady has already been awarded a contract by the US Department of Defense to supply .300 PRC ammunition to US Special Operations snipers, while Barrett will be providing the MRAD sniper rifles designed for this caliber in an as yet unknown quantity. This new caliber has been selected because it surpassed other cartridges like the .300 Norma Magnum in extensive practical tests, even at ranges of 2,000 yards (1,828 meters). 

Cartridges for handguns: Hornady Handgun Hunter

Hornady Handgun Hunter bullets
Hornady Handgun Hunter ammunition features a “MonoFlex” solid bullet made of a hard copper alloy with a deep hollow point and an elastomer insert.

One product that's completely new is the ammunition series for handgun hunting – where it's permitted by law, of course: Hornady Handgun Hunter ammunition features a “MonoFlex” solid bullet made of a hard copper alloy with a deep hollow point and an elastomer insert. When it hits the target this plastic tip compresses and then pushes out, causing the bullet to mushroom faster than a conventional hollow point design. In addition, the elastomer tip prevents the hollow point from clogging with dirt or particles that might have a negative influence on the terminal ballistic effect. Deep penetration and 95% residual bullet weight characterize the new cartridges for hunting handguns. 

The following cartridges are available as of the market launch:

Hornady Handgun Hunter cartridges for handgun hunting
Hornady Handgun Hunter cartridges for handgun hunting come in packages of 20.
  • 9 mm Luger +P 115 Grains MonoFlex
  • .357 Mag. 130 Grains MonoFlex
  • .40 S&W 135 Grains MonoFlex
  • 10 mm Auto 135 Grains MonoFlex
  • .44 Mag. 200 Grains MonoFlex
  • .454 Casull 200 Grains MonoFlex
  • .460 S&W Mag. 200 Grains MonoFlex

Obviously, new calibers and cartridges are constantly being added to the many well-known, existing lines of ammunition. For the first time, the “Subsonic” ammunition line is being supplemented with handgun cartridges:

  • 9 mm Luger 147 Grains XTP
  • .40 S&W 180 Grains XTP
  • .45 Auto 230 Grains XTP.
Sub-X Hornady bullets
“Sub-X” (Subsonic eXpanding) jacketed bullets with a lead core and a hollow point with a flex-tip elastomer insert have been designed for maximum expansion even at low subsonic velocities.

New for rifle calibers:

  • .30-30 Win. 175 Grains Sub-X
  • .450 Bushmaster
  • .45-70 Govt.
  • .410 Grains Sub-X.

The “Outfitter” line of hunting cartridges with nickel-plated cases and the time-tested GMX  bullets is being expanded with the addition of the following rifle calibers / cartridges:

  • .257 Weatherby Mag. 90 Grains GMX
  • .300 Weatherby Mag. 180 Grains GMX
  • .300 Rem Ultra Mag (RUM) 180 Grains GMX
  • .338 Win. Mag. 225 Grains GMX.

The recent “Frontier” ammunition series is geared for typical tactical/practical sport shooting calibers, shooters with a high level of ammunition consumption, law enforcement training, and self-defense. New for 2020:

  • .223 Rem. 55 Grains FMJ
  • .223 Rem. 55 Grains HP Match
  • 5,56x45 NATO 55 Grains FMJ
  • 5,56x45 NATO 55 Grains HP Match
  • 6,5 Grendel 123 FMJ
  • .300 Blackout 125 Grains FMJ
    (alle in 50er Packungen, Grendel in 20er Packung, .300 BC auch in 150er Packung).

Also new: Precision Hunter .300 Win. Mag. 178 gr ELD-X, LeverEvolution 7-30 Waters 120 gr FTX, enhanced performance, super-fast Superformance 6 mm Creedmoor 90 gr GMX, Hornady Custom 350 Legend 165 FTX, American Gunner 7.62x39 123 gr HP Match, and Critical Defense handgun ammunition in .327 Federal Magnum with 80 gr FTX bullets.

Comparison of bullet profiles: Hornady XTP, XTP Mag, and MonoFlex
Comparison of bullet profiles (from the left): Hornady XTP,  XTP Mag, and MonoFlex from the new Handgun Hunter ammo.

Hornady and the Subsonic power

Three handgun calibers are being added to the Hornady Subsonic series of ammunition. There are three new cartridges for rifle calibers as well.

This innovation for bullets / load components is called “Sub-X” (Subsonic eXpanding). This jacketed bullet with a lead core and a hollow point with a flex-tip elastomer insert has been designed for maximum expansion even at low subsonic velocities in order to produce the maximum ballistic effect on the target. The Sub-X bullet, ideal for semi-automatic firearms and suppressor cartridges, will initially only be available in .300 caliber 190 gr.

We have already introduced the recent Hornady A-Tip match rifle bullets here on 

Hornady Subsonic ammunition line 
For the first time, the “Subsonic” ammunition line is being supplemented with handgun cartridges - 9 mm, .40 S&W and .45 Auto

The feature of the new bullets that can be recognised at first glance is the precision machined, long, perfectly blended aluminum tip. The long aluminum tips are manufactured to be caliber-specific and, combined with the well-known Hornady AMP bullet jacket and optimized bullet tail, the result is an improved ballistic coefficient with top BC values for all products of the new A-Tip series in all calibers. The sole focus of this new bullet series and its manufacturing processes, materials, and designs is on consistently producing the maximum accuracy possible from one bullet to the next. New for 2020: 

  • .22er 90 Grains
  • 7 mm 166 und 190 Grains
  • .30er 176 Grains
  • .338er 300 Grains.

Other new additions to well-known Hornady bullet series:

  • 5,45er 90 Grains V-Max
  • 6 mm 90 Grains GMX (for 6 mm Creedmoor)
  • 6,5 mm 140 Grains GMX
  • .338er 225 Grains GMX
  • 7 mm 120 Grains FTX
  • .35er 165 Grains FTX (for the special .350 Legend US caliber ).

As is well known, the FTX bullet was specially developed for lever-action rifles with tubular magazines), .35 170 gr InterLock (also for the .350 Legend), and .45 245 gr InterLock.

The “Precision Measurement Station”, weighing approx. 3.5 kg and with levelling feet, comes with five headspace bushings and seven bullet comparators.

Reloading tools and gauges 

We have long been using practical Hornady gauges such as the OAL gauge and the Bullet Comparator in our day-to-day work. New for 2020 is the “Precision Measurement Station,” which can be used to measure and sort reloading components. For instance, the station makes it possible to check  bullet ogive location, cartridge base to ogive location, headspace location and overall case length. It also enables the quality of factory ammunition to be compared and sorted, of course.

The new Hornady “Auto Charge Pro” is a modern, accurate powder dispenser with a large powder capacity and a backlit touch screen. Powder loads can be dispensed with an accuracy of 0.1 grains. Other features of the space-saving Hornady Auto Charge Pro include different trickle speeds depending on the powder type, a setting storage function for up to four favorite loads, and easy emptying of the powder.

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