Baschieri & Pellagri: an Italian tale of propellants and cartridges visits Baschieri & Pellagri
A trip through the Baschieri & Pellagri headquarters is like a journey of discovery through the history of gunpowder, culminating in the development of its famous cartridges visits Baschieri & Pellagri
A B&P worker shows how powder is processed: here we see the famous F2 mixture

Hunting means culture, history and tradition, and all of it driven by progress and development. It is common knowledge that the Baschieri & Pellagri, company started to manufacturing the now quintessentially ACAPNIA − the first smokeless powder ever produced in Italy − during the Roaring Twenties!
The ACAPNIA name is a phonetic composition: the "A" stands as a Greek privative Alpha, meaning "Without", while "Capnos" is the Greek word for "Smoke". ACAPNIA started out as a miracle, but over the course of its history went on to become a legend!
That’s how it started, and we can trace its path – always winding its way through Greek philology – to the ANIGRINA lamellar powder (a-nigros, not black), the Super Ballistite propellant and then, over time, to all the others, from the the F2 and the to the MB and well beyond... visits Baschieri & Pellagri
It’s not just the selection of powders that makes Baschieri & Pellagri stand out among all shotshell manufacturers; indeed, it owes most of its fame to the specially-developed wads and components

Then we come to the supplies, the things that propellants are made of.

Once upon a time, entire tribes were spread far afield in this area; now it is the preserve of a tenaciously brave few dedicated entirely to research for the sake of research, almost like art as a purpose to itself!
Everyone else at the major Bologna-based manufacturer was involved in producing the legendary brand of powder cartridges, making them the most coveted of their kind for their excellence and consistent performance!
Once considered the de rigueur ammunition for any self-respecting hunter, the B&P cartridges are now appreciated for their extraordinary elegance and the Gordon hot stamped case chamber. visits Baschieri & Pellagri
The Baschieri & Pellagri company is located in a setting that harmoniously blends the technical and natural worlds, evoking the feelings otherwise associated with the hunt itself

Today it is a cross between a sanctuary, a country estate and a modern lab factory! 

It covers an expanse of over 35 green hectares (which are full of pheasants and pigeons flying everywhere!), safe and secure under the sign of technology that proudly reveals its history, politely winking at today’s hunters and shooters, and already wondering about tomorrow. 

What a romance! And so much emotion is revealed when approaching the test rooms and laboratories, storage sheds, powder production centres, and packaging departments for cartridges.
There's something for everyone and more, from the connoisseur to the lover of small calibres, from the woodcock to the migratory bird hunter, all the way to the boar!
But what really matters is that here and now, the company is preparing for the future, namely ours...

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