Baschieri & Pellagri F2 Classic Fiber 20-gauge shotshells

As the hunting season kicks off, we are once again face the ages-old dilemma of choosing an ideal cartridge. So many hunters use proven ammunition they have come to rely on, while others are eager to try out new products. This time, we tested a great classic from Baschieri & Pellagri: the 20-gauge F2 Classic Fiber shotshell. 

The Baschieri & Pellagri F2 Classic Fiber shells, featuring a felt wad, were tested at extremely high temperatures during a quail hunting day, and our editors were positively impressed by their extraordinary and constant performance both at short and medium-range distances. Baschieri & Pellagri launched its now famous F2 powder in 1962, and today it comes in two versions with varying volatilitity levels, and is used in a wide range of different hunting cartridges. 

All throughout our long, sweltering hot hunting day with almost summer-like temperatures, we tested standard-load 20-gauge shells (26 g lead, #10 and #11 shots, ideal for quail), which offered ideal speed and pattern spread. The felt wad is simply perfect for wild birds which typically fly up just a few meters in front of the pointing hunting dogs, but is also suitable for medium-range distances − up to 25 or 30 metres − should a follow-up shot be required. 

As is evident from our opening picture, our quail hunting day was a success. The medium and heavier loads of the wide F2 shotshells line offered by Baschieri & Pellagri allow for an equally wide range of applications for various hunting situations  − from hunting from blinds to waterfowl, as well as for large and small migratory birds. Good hunting!

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