The Vibram sole of the new boot AKU Tabia GTX / LTR

AKU is an industrial origin of Italian craftsmanship, founded by Galliano Bordin, specialized for over thirty years in the design and manufacture of footwear for the high quality mountain.

Every model AKU is the result of an authentic passion production, which has its origins in ancient and prestigious Italian manufacturing tradition.

The AKU, to preserve and increase their competitiveness at international level, allocates much of its resources in research and development to find the best technological solutions with which design and produce models of shoes ever more innovative.

At the 2013 EXA AKU presented a new shoe designed specifically for use in the hunting field: the AKU TABIA GTX / LTR. It 'a line of models characterized by a combination of technical elements of the highest quality, suitable during the cold season.

The special Vibram soles, built with some specific compounds Ice Trek and other with 30%% recycled material, ensure safety and stability of the AKU Tabia GTX / LTR in case of rain or winter riding terrain, while the GORE-TEX Insulated Comfort ensures perfect water repellency and breathability. This model is equipped with PrimaLoft insulation, lightweight, breathable and water-repellent with good, keep feet dry, warm and comfortable in even very low temperatures. On this model the AKU has a unique system of construction of the insole called IMS - Internal Midsole System. Thanks to this system the plantar perfectly captures the anatomy of the foot and in this way allows a uniform pressure distribution of the foot, prevents slipping and absorbs shock.

Even the selected leathers are of European origin and high quality: high-quality full grain, nubuck and suede, processed in accordance with the standards set forth by the European standards for environmental protection, to be water-repellent, breathable, high value-added and high aesthetic appeal.

The new AKU TABIA GTX / LTR is a concrete example of Italian manufacturing tradition. Certificate leather of first quality, small sought inspired by the ancient footwear for the mountains, I'm here midsole combined with a system of IMS ^ 3, in which the exoskeleton polyurethane is bonded to a layer of EVA for a comfortable fit immediately.

The AKU is an Italian company that has managed to combine perfectly the Italian manufacturing tradition with the latest technological innovations, creating high-quality products such as the new AKU TABIA GTX / LTR.

Here are the details of the new AKU tecnic TABIA GTX / LTR:

UPPER Full grain / Suede 2.0 mm

LINING GORE-TEX Performance Comfort / full grain leather

TREAD Cloud Vibram Ice Trek


INSOLE ASSEMBLY (SPRING) 1.5 mm nylon microporous EVA + (flexible) FOOT Primaloft